??? what is this amount coming from?!

hi guys, i cannot understand, i have just sold a FB cover and out of 2$ i got 0.64$? how can authors can get such a low price and rate?! any idea why , guys?

“Author sets the item price at $1, it’ll be listed at $2, author earnings will be 62.5% x $1 = $0.63 (or you can think of it as 31.25% of the total list price).”

the only problem is that i did not set anything (the price has been determined by envato when it had been approved) and i am wandering how i can change the price to take into account the kind of thing that u mentioned … envato set the price of this item and i don’t know how people can use it to such a horrible thing to us like this, another lethal blow on authors , thanks you very much envato for the concern for authors! this also proves the real intention that they have to pull the prices down again (when they are already too low for us to have decent money), we will soon have to pay to post our stuffs if it goes on like this! anyway, thanks for your reply buddy :wink:

Just edit your item and adjust the price accordingly.

that’s starting to be an incredible mess indeed, u have to be an expert in maths and so on with all their new nonsensical additions, and what i see, once again , this is a bit more fee again , when they have extremely high ones already, that grows ridiculous! anyway thanks for your reply :wink:

besides, thank you , i have just done what u said, however , this is absolutely ridiculous, do they think that we have tons of hours to spend any single of our previous items manually like this?! what about paying attention to the time spent by authors and so on?

Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain.

$ Item price x 0.625 = how much you will earn per sale

Hi, guys, it seems everyone here is getting their kni…, well, it isn’t necesscary, Envato is extending their set your own price in this marketplace, after the success they had with the trial niches!

So, short term, we could gripe, but long, not so sure?

Other market places out there do this, and it seems to work well, but most people tend to mark their works up too much then, say it has a 20% discount.

More likely it didn’t sell, and they had to reduce the price, but in a sneaky way?


hi Shane, may be the kind of policy that u were referring to is part of the reasons that others are not N°1 … anyway, i personally (and i know that i am not the only one) believe that there nothing so good about it. Let’s face it , if u ever have choice between two items that u like and that u have to chose from , then basically what are u going to do if the are of equal value, u’ll pick the ne that is the cheapest … let’s all be honest about it we all know that in the great majority of cases this is what is going to happen indeed. This also introduces something that i do not like at all, in other words , that quality of work is not the main focus and that rices may prevail, which is absolutely opposed to the kind of idea that they had been preaching for (as they have been preaching for high professionalism and good quality items). besides let me also remember u that they are almost the only one to have a strict quality control with reviewers accepting or not and that they are by very far the place where fees are the highest, in other words wahta can be accepted from others may not be as welcome here , all situations and things are supposed to have pros and cons …

I am also not happy because of Envato’s more fees… When I submitted my first item $15 first time, got sale only $7.50, which I have lots of hours to spend my first item and Envato didn’t anything. :angry:

Seriously? Envato did nothing? Then just leave and promote your work on twitter and facebook, since Envato does nothing.

Yes, I only one sale since October 2015 for my first item. I submitted my other item since first week of Nov, no sales.

I did promote my two items on facebook, behance, deviantart and pinterest, Still nothing sales. :frowning:

Yeeeeessss, but l suppose it all depends on the traffic source? One hub, will see a $2 flyer as crap, and another don’t!

Facebook, etc LOL, don’t count in it. I have Pinterest, Facebook, (eventhough it doesn’t work) DeviantArt, and Twitter, for the last 6 months. It probably helps, but as for it replacing Envato traffic, (which is mainly PPC Adwords) unlikely.

Adwords is effective, but usually only for big boy companys. I am not spending $500 for 2 sales?


What happens if a new artist wants to get 70% commission, and to do that joins an already successful author as a team?

he can dream on or he can ask for incredible prices lol or shift to top author status in a few days lol u have to be a huge seller then lol

i am sorry buddy but when u take big fees just like they do , the bottom line is that u are waiting for them to do quite a work with your items so that they also help to make u sell … there’s no reason why authors should work and would be the only ones … that’s supposed to be a partnership in any case but, with large fees, authors can also legitimately become more demanding too …

yes but buddy do not try to step two step at a time, in your case, what u need is to develop your portfolio and make sure that u have many quality items to offer so that a variety of customers come and buy … if u have a very little selection to choose from, then , this is normally harder to make sure that someone will like your item this much that they will buy it … do not forget also that there are tons of authors here and that sometimes some buyers opt for an item of someone else if u know what i mean lol

sorry Shane, in some cases u may be right , but according to what i could witness in 13 years and the many stories that i hear form other guys otherwise, the greta majority of times people are looking for cheap prices , even if this is also a “cr@p” that they are buying in the end … how can we also explain that some guys opt for going to cheat and download for free some of our items here when the prices are very low already? that’s a fact lots of guys do never have enough and if they can save only a few cents , they will do , if u know what i mean …

i also disagree with you Shane , all the things that u referred to as not working is also what a lot of guys are considering as the essential work to do for them to potentially sell and the great majority of them will also send a lot to time to promote in all these networks because they know that in the end, this is what will make them way much more money in the end … even if some guys like me don’t do anything , i just have a deviantart account for a short while , i would not recommend anyone to do anything like this and i am personally conscious that i am also hurting my sales by failing to have all the mentioned things …

adwords are also effective but u are right, they are unaffordable for most of us , especially as regard to what we can get per sale … . Besides, adwords are good for sure but envato would not be what they are today if they di not have a battery of satellite websites to help to promote both their website and our items …

u are finally right many newcomers are dreaming of “get rich quick solutions” but here is nothing like this indeed, u have to pay your dues, work hard, make great things, upload often and so on so that u can end getting a bit pocket money after a while, unlike u are a genius , a lookalike Sevenstyles or IK but guys like these are not numerous to say the least

@tmcom: Read that again.

@n2n44: I am not going to discuss what you have been talking on forums for the last month. The point I’m making is, that he came into marketplace, offered 2 items, sold once and just immediatelly goes into forum and whines that he only got 50% while Envato has nothing to do with his sale whatsoever.