??? what is this amount coming from?!

i understand what u are trying to explain and Shane and i use to mention about it … the fact of the matter is that may guys would like to have success quickly and so on , when this is not happening like this, we have also worked very hard for month in order to “harvest” a few sales. In other words, i agree with you on the fact that some people are not patient enough and do not realize that they have to build fame , popularity and a “buyer base”. Now, what is the problem for me is that , after months of hard work and so on, the situation doesn’t really get any better insofar as most of us only manage to get pocket money indeed … and that this pocket money is being threatened , we may have a decreasing one again …

[quote=“n2n44, post:19, topic:17238, full:true”]
sorry Shane, in some cases u may be right , but according to what i could witness in 13 years and the many stories that i hear form other guys otherwise, the greta majority of times people are looking for cheap prices , even if this is also a “cr@p” that they are buying in the end … how can we also explain that some guys opt for going to cheat and download for free some of our items here when the prices are very low already? that’s a fact lots of guys do never have enough and if they can save only a few cents , they will do , if u know what i mean …[/QUOTE]

No, sorry Nico, but l have to disagree with you on that one.

I have a bundle of flyers with another site, so each flyer is probably going for $1.50 each, all up, and zero sales.

But l also have individual ones, and some have sold, for $6 each.

But l agree that if the customer could get it for free, they would obviously do it.

But l think that setting a certain price, with a traffic source that wants high end stuff, can create a “if this flyers is $1.50 it has to be crap” frame of mind.

i also disagree with you Shane , all the things that u referred to as not working is also what a lot of guys are considering as the essential work to do for them to potentially sell and the great majority of them will also send a lot to time to promote in all these networks because they know that in the end, this is what will make them way much more money in the end … even if some guys like me don’t do anything , i just have a deviantart account for a short while , i would not recommend anyone to do anything like this and i am personally conscious that i am also hurting my sales by failing to have all the mentioned things …

adwords are also effective but u are right, they are unaffordable for most of us , especially as regard to what we can get per sale … . Besides, adwords are good for sure but envato would not be what they are today if they di not have a battery of satellite websites to help to promote both their website and our items …[/QUOTE]

Hmmm, maybe, but l have also seen some big boys here, get to Elite Author level with less social media that what l have. Or to put it another way, their activity is pretty low.

Yep, work hard, create a folio of work, hit a brick wall a few times, and maybe figure out how the Elite Authors do it?


i am also sorry Shane but i also have to disagree with you on that one … bundles are a different story , for me , unlike there are some very specific needs, this sounds rather logical that all buyers are not interested in bundles, as if u have a specific need, why in the world would u try to buy some things that u are either not interested in and that u feel like that u may never be able to use … that’s how lots of buyers stick to buying individual items rather than bundles …

u are also right a few / a handful of guys would probably feel this way as regard to having too low a price if compared with what is supposed to be a normal price in the market. But, first of all let me remind u that with self pricing being introduced, people are losing / will be the notion of what is supposed to be a normal price for the market, unlike what happened previously. Then, sorry to say just that but lots of buyers do not know what a good work is and why , so how would like them to identify a good work when the don’t want to spend money, they will thus most of the time stick to spend as less money as they can in the great majority of cases (people aware of what quality is and willing to buy an item at what this is worth are no so numerous, you can believe me), not to mention and this is the third point … some people have bad taste and will naturally bend to items which are not good, so will den welcome a bit more the low quality cheap items … for me that’s proven and tested. By the way , dealing with your project , u have never seen a guy trying to ruin your work at all cost when u ad been doing your bets for this to look good and to be efficient , using all your professional knowdleg? i am sure that u did Shane … or u are a very lucky designer lol

in this case, there’s only another choice, they have google adwords … sad to come to this conclusion but i used to talk about those sorts of things with several friends and lots of them were analyzing how people are doing and in all cases , according to what they could identify, they had to do one or the other … u can test something if u wish … post an item, a very good one in GR , don’t do anything and then come back in a year … with all the authors , items and daily submissions, u can rest assured when u come back a year later, your sales will be low …

But l have a bundle of 16 flyers and the one that sold by itself, was similar to the one in the bundle, with only a…ok, you got me on that one! :open_mouth:

Ruin me, nah! :relaxed:

But, would l make my flyers $2 each, no! Even if l pushed the fact that they were 5 star, since it could affect my credibility for bigger projects.

Yes, most likely they had a big list, or huge social media following, and went from there.

But l agree that they probably used their profits for Adwords?

I can’t see how large volume flyer numbers could produce a big income, unless l am missing something here?

I have run the numbers and even if l could do 18 flyers a month, it would work out to being about $10 a month in passive income, (passive meaning do nothing).

Although doing seasonal flyers could give me a few thousand a year extra.

But if l sunk the lot into Adwords, the results would obviously improve. Sounds like a lot of business models online, invest all the profits back into the business, and it will show a worthwhile profit eventually?