What can save the authors from low sales in the long run?

I think this is a good discussion.

As the time goes by we see the number of tracks going up and for many of us the sales going down. From a logic point of view the more tracks available, the less sales there will be for each track. Ofcourse there are some top authores that are rising in sales but even them will struggle in the future as the number of tracks are increasing.

What changes do you think can help us?


Indeed, however there are hopefuly some actions that can improve our sales, which is this thread about.

Why the agressivity?

My view on this is that mass producing tracks with high quality possible is great but only for each author individualy because this give an advantage over the others, however When all of us are doing that same thing maybe this will lead to a saturated marketplace where you have thousands and soon millions of tracks and growing and your work will be flooded over new tracks.
For istance we have great new tracks going online and don’t get even 1 view from customers, this is a great indicator that the number of uploaded tracks is higher than the demand by customers and of course this is very frustrating for all of us wasting much time, efford and money in those tracks and seeing them burried.
We feel compelled to upload more and more tracks to have the chance of selling and this only aggravates the problem saturating even more the marketplace.

Based on that, what if there were a limit of maybe 80 or 100 total tracks per author?

We already see top authors with less than 100 tracks constantly deleting tracks with low or no sales. I thing this is a good behavior cleaning up the marketplace from tracks with low to no sales.
In my view this could lead to a better quality tracks because we are not rushing to upload more than the others and we can focus more in the composition and quality of our tracks.

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Make sure your uploads represent a higher percentage increase from 2017 to 2018, than they did from 2016 to 2017, make better content, review your marketing, i.e. thumbnail, profile image, description content, keywords etc, consider external marketing.


IMO external marketing seems to be one of the most impactful things that an author can do to drive sales.


I definitely don’t disagree with this, but then to me the question becomes, if I’m going to spend a crazy amount of effort writing music, and then I also have to spend a lot of effort doing marketing, why would I drive traffic to Envato or any of the other sites for that matter?

The appeal of uploading my music here and to other stocks is a built in buying audience, that’s what we are giving our cut to Envato for. Really once you start doing marketing as well, you’re just giving up a 50% cut for what is essentially hosting, which I know I can get much cheaper.

I halfway agree. Buying an audience is certainly an appeal of hosting music on AudioJungle. That being said, AudioJungle also provides a reliable, trusted platform for people to purchase music licenses. I would imagine that someone is more likely to purchase a license from a larger publisher rather than a single provider. I’ve looked into hosting and selling my music directly but ended up deciding that it wasn’t really feasible - the time/costs of developing a selling platform, were simply too high.

Yeah it’s a tough call, and when you are exclusive here I guess it completely limits that ability as well.

Looking at guys like Adi Gold though, I think that there is a definitely an opportunity there that a lot of AJer’s aren’t looking at or aren’t interested in.

He uses AJ and the other platforms but also has an amazing presence on his own website… so instead of marketing towards Envato, he’s using Envato and other platforms as a way to funnel clients to his own platform which is pretty smart if you ask me.

Thanks for the example! That seems like a really smart strategy. I am worried about dumping all of my music ‘eggs’ in the AudioJungle ‘basket’. Something like this would help diversify and create independence.

the key of the success is: never give up, keep doing the good job, keep improving, keep learning. don’t stop composing…
…or yes, this gives some good space for other motivated authors … :smiley: (just joking)

I know how to solve the problem:

  1. Not to write tracks clones by changing them a couple of chords.
  2. Do not create a “trillion” accounts.
  3. Delete tracks that are not sold a large amount of time.
  4. You need to help Envato find “intruders” who distribute the same track to multiple accounts.

You can find a lot of ways how you can personally help the company.

What is it?

For me-this is one and the same track it can be done by packaging.