Uploading Multiclip Items Now Available for VideoHive Uploader

Today, we are excited to let you know that you can now upload Multiclip video files through the new video uploader. Previously, the video uploader could only support single files, now authors with access to the uploader can easily upload Multiclip ZIP files.

Authors with access will be directed to the new upload tool, and those currently without access will be able to continue uploading Multiclip items using the traditional uploader.

What is a Multiclip video file and how is it valuable for Envato customers?

A Multiclip video item is a ZIP file that contains multiple video files. Within one downloadable item, a Multiclip file provides the customer with a variety of clips for their project, including alternative compositions, angles and clips (keeping within a consistent theme).

Why is this an important opportunity for VideoHive authors?

Multiclip items are a very popular item type with Envato customers - the number of Multiclip items on our shopfront are relatively small in comparison to single video files, however they account for a large percentage of Envato’s sales in the marketplace. So we know there is a great opportunity for authors to meet these growing demands and diversify their video items!

Who can use this feature?

Earlier this year we introduced Upload Permissions to VideoHive. Authors with upload permission to access the new video uploader tool will be able to use this new video uploader feature. Please note: Authors without permission will still have the ability to upload Multiclip ZIP files via the existing Envato Market uploader.

Please see this help center article on uploading Multiclip items and the fields/attributes that need to be added when uploading a Multiclip item using the new uploader. Please remember to render your preview video with the Envato Watermark applied.

We believe this new feature will help to streamline the way you upload video content, providing the ability to submit single video and Multiclip files within the same upload tool, simultaneously. Over time, we will work to expand permissions to the new upload tool, allowing more VideoHive authors to take advantage of the new Multiclip feature.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out here or visit our Author Help Center for more information. We’ll be monitoring this thread for the next seven days providing answers to questions in batches. Please remember our community guidelines as you post. Thanks.


Great change for videohive authors!

About footage: Old upload form has disappeared.

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