Uploading multiple clips?

Hi, I’ve not used the new upload system since it was changed and was wondering… if I wanted to upload a video bundle do I just zip the 8 videos? and then upload that and my full length preview? Or is there a special way of doing it?

I’ve contacted Envato help but they told me I need to contact the author of the videos? :thinking: That’s me… so I’m still confused. I tried zipping the videos and uploading them via FTP along with a separate preview video named the same… they uploaded successfully but I don’t see where in my account I finish off the submission?

Hello Jay did you solved your problem? I have the same problem :sleepy:

Hi, yeah you need to go to “Upload” on your videohive account and follow the instructions about ftp uploading. It’ll give you some sort of “key”.

Then get your videos, zip them and call your zip folder the same name as your project title. Drop that into your ftp once connected to envato.

Next make a preview video containing your videos and any examples you’ve put together. Also make a normal 1920x1080 JPG Preview (this will be the videos cover photo). And then make an 80px x 80px Thumbnail.

After the ftp uploads leave it for about 20 minutes, then go back into your videohive account as if you are uploading again. You’ll see the your zip folder on the left and will be given the option the fill out all the details of the project including uploading your previews and thumbnail there and then.

If after you fill out all the details and the green submit button at the bottom right does not show try deleting out a comma from your video lengths field, or adding a comma but having no space after it.

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot Jay :heart_eyes:

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Hope you got it working?

Yes thanks a lot. With your direction i made same name zip folder and project name. And it worked :+1:

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