Uploading Stock Footage

Hey all,
So I’ve been selling Stock Footage for couple of years in all major agencies and thought I’ll add Envato as well… As I use various enavato markets for my work (and loving it), I was just amazed of how behind is the back system for uploading stock footage. I get that if you upload ONE AE project it’s not a problem to add all the details manually. But Stock contributors like me got thousands of clips, and it’s impossible to do one by one. The standard for submitting content is using a very simple CSV file, an option that does not exist in the system.
Also, there is no option to add multiply release forms, or just multi-edit anything, which is insane.

It seems that Envato does not really want to compete in that field at all.
As for me, my files will wait on the server until multi-editing will be available, in any sort.

I understand the the upload system in rather new…Someone here knows if any of this would change?

They don’t want, or need, an even more enormous influx of clips.

That’s why we’re only competing against 700k clips instead of 16 million (most of which NEVER sell). And we actually get lots of sales. :slight_smile:

I think it’s great that it’s “hard” to submit (which it’s really not).