Struggling for Almost 2 Years on Envato Market with Only 2 Sales

Hello fellow members on the Envato forum,

I would like to share my experience and also express my frustration as a footage contributor on Envato Market. It has been nearly two years since I joined, but the results have been disheartening with only 2 sales to date.

Each time I submit stock footage for sale, I find myself disappointed as many of them get rejected with a high rate of hard rejections. Despite my efforts to improve the quality and understand the set requirements, the outcome remains the same. This has left me feeling frustrated and demotivated to continue contributing.

Furthermore, I have yet to receive any payment or payout from Envato Market. These earnings are crucial for me, and they were one of the reasons why I joined as a contributor.

I would like to inquire from fellow members on the forum if anyone has experienced a similar situation or if they have any tips and solutions to improve the quality and acceptance rate of stock footage on Envato Market? Perhaps there is something I am missing or more effective ways to achieve better sales?

I am hoping to receive help and support from fellow forum members. Thank you very much for your attention.

Warm regards,
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After looking through a few of them, there are several things that I can point out:

  • The camera movements aren’t smooth and look jittery. Even some still shots looked like it wasn’t steady.
  • Composition look very flat and plain. A lot of them just look like you’re shooting standing up with your phone like how I would shoot if I whipped out my phone to capture something on a whim.
  • Given above reasons, I think the prices of your clips are a bit too high.

Overall, they don’t look professional enough for what I would be paying for, if I was a buyer.

Some ways to help increase the quality would be:

  • Find ways to smooth out the pan through investing into some equipment. If that isn’t feasible, I would stop doing those kind of shots as they are not helping the overall look.
  • Related to the above, get a steady tripod to take your shots and don’t do pans and tilts. Even if you can’t do what you’re used to doing, they’re plenty of ways to make the shot interesting.
  • Find interesting subjects or at least an interesting way to capture plain things. It can be angle, the location of the shot, slow motion, etc. Just something to break out of the mold of the same old shots.
  • Lastly, study others shots that have a decent number of sales in that similar subject. What do they have that you don’t have? Is it the color? The angle? The composition? I think the more you study others and be critical with your own work, the better you’re going to get. Invent from inspiration.
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I understand and appreciate your points about the camera movements, composition, and overall quality of my clips. Your advice on investing in equipment for smoother shots and finding interesting angles and subjects is particularly helpful. I will definitely take your recommendations into consideration and work towards enhancing the professionalism and appeal of my contributions.
Your feedback has motivated me to strive for better results and I truly value your input. I look forward to applying your suggestions and hopefully achieving better success in the future.

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