Video creation, uploads and sellings

When a new user is allowed to upload stock videos? what is the trust level needed for that, thanks in advance.:sunglasses:

When your submitted portfolio is approved, you can upload your items

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thanks a lot, i am totally new here , i opened the account so i can sell my items here so lets see how to do that :slight_smile: submit my portfolio i mean , thanks for answering.

Oh. So you didn’t submit your portfolio?
First of all you should submit it for review

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thanks alot for your answer, i uploaded a portfolio already but no answer yet, why is so hard to upload material here

Due to saturation of items and whopping amount of uploads, lots of rejections and months of review time. These things led envato to take decision. Sooner or later it will be applied to all categories for new authors

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thanks for your reply,
well, i am waiting , for long time, hope they let me sell on envato soon, i have many stock material , in other stock video platforms only need to create the account and confirm your identity, here is little more complicated