Selling footage


I would like to sell stock footage, but the site seems to be taking me around in circles when I try to upload. Please advise on how to upload new video clips for sale.

Thank you.

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Those times are over when in order to become a seller, you just had to upload your item. Now authors must go through something like an exam, presenting their portfolio. When Envato will approve your portfolio, you will be allowed to upload your items.

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Except that, in my case, I submitted my portfolio and I never had an answer. What does it mean? Does that mean that he was not accepted?

How many days have passed?

@romlam I submitted it around April 1st.

There is no any information about portfolio review time. But if you look up threads of other authors which have sent their portfolio for review, you can see that the waiting time is around 1-2 months. So you should wait a little longer :nerd_face:

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