How long portfolio review takes?



Hello, I’ve been selling some stock footage on Videohive but after very well known purge I’ve been blocked to upload clips. Two (probably even more) weeks ago I’ve uploaded portfolio for a review but i can’t even see anywhere if it’s sent, no email confirming that I’ve uploaded portfolio for a review and i don’t know if there is any way to check this. So how long it typically takes for a portfolio re-review now? Can i confirm somewhere that it was sent, delivered or anything, confirming i can just wait and not think about the emptiness of space? Thanks, and have a great day!



This is Videohive probable review schedule



hey, thanks for replying, but… i’m asking for something else. I’ve uploaded a “Portfolio” for a re-review (after envato blocked my upload capabilities (it’s been almost a year after that) on stock footage)


I think this announcement is helpful for you. Maybe you don’t know about this announcement


Well, i was aware of that post and already read it, but now i’ve checked it again and stumbled on this, maybe i skipped this part before “So, today, we are also re-enabling access for all authors who temporarily lost it.” and i don’t know what to think about it… I still can’t upload to stock footage, and i don’t know if my portfolio is being reviewed. I have some nice stock footage to upload, but i don’t really want to wait… at least i don’t want to wait for nothing.


My opinion is getting touch with Envato customer success
I hope they will help you out from this situation.


The Portfolio Review queue is actively being worked through, but depending on when yours was submitted, might take a few more weeks to be processed. Thanks for your patience.