VideoHive Stock Footage Portfolio Review & Submission Limits

Today we’re announcing the launch of portfolio reviews and introducing submission limits for Stock Footage authors on VideoHive.

How did we get here?

Over the last few years we have been working at developing ways to improve the publishing experience for Stock Footage authors. As video has grown in popularity, the number of authors seeking to publish items has also increased leading to long delays between upload, review and public launch.

Two years ago the wait times for Stock Footage were around 180 days, something authors and Envato wanted to see changed. We’ve announced several changes over this period aimed at bringing that wait time down, especially for those authors who consistently produce items that meet or exceed our requirements.

To date we have built a new review team, introduced batch reviews, launched a new video uploader (with multiclip support) and reduced the number of authors with upload access. These measures have seen our average review times go from a high of 180 days to 0 days.

This accomplishment is one we’re really excited about and with the ever increasing popularity of video, we want to ensure that we’re set up to grow into the future. We want to enable more great quality content to get to customers as soon as authors make it. We want to continue to reduce the barriers for authors who consistently meet our content requirements.

To that end, today we’re launching portfolio reviews and introducing submission limits, a new system experiment that will limit the number of items a Stock Footage author can upload to the review queue.

Portfolio Reviews

Several months ago we announced changes to who would be able to continue submitting items to the review queue. We informed many authors that their permissions to upload stock footage had been removed and that they would need to submit a portfolio for review that would determine if they would be granted upload permissions again. We also changed the process for new authors, requiring them to pass a portfolio review before they could begin uploading.

From today, we’ll begin reviewing and informing new and existing authors on the results of their portfolio reviews, and enabling the upload permissions for those who are successful. We’re ramping up this new process and it may take a few weeks for us to be at full capacity. Authors who are granted upload permissions will be limited in the number of items they can submit each week as part of the other big launch we’re announcing today, submission limits.

What are submission limits?

From today, authors are limited in the number of items they can have in the review queue each week. These limits are set based on past review performance, including new authors with no past review performance.

For example, if you have a consistently high track record of approvals, you will have no submission limit. If your past history of uploads is less consistently approved or you have no past history, you will have fewer items that you are allowed to upload.

To begin we are introducing several tiers which authors are grouped into based on their past performance. The limit for the first tier is five items and grows up to unlimited items. Performance will be reviewed regularly and an email will be sent to any impacted author when their tier changes up or down.

What about authors who temporarily lost upload access when we closed the queue?

A few months ago, we suspended uploading for all authors while we made some changes to our review systems. As part of that change we informed authors that we would be re-enabling their access as our capacity grew.

With the introduction of submission limits, we are confident that we will be able to manage the increased volume without damaging the progress we’ve made so far on reducing review wait times. So, today, we are also re-enabling access for all authors who temporarily lost it.

Next Steps

Authors who are not waiting for a portfolio review will receive an email that details the submission limit and you will soon begin to see changes to the Stock Footage Uploader that will prevent further uploads if you reach your weekly limit. We highly encourage you to review the content requirements for Stock Footage and to review the items that are being approved to better understand what we’re looking for.

We will be evaluating the impact submission limits have on the review queues and decide at a later date whether to make the submission limits system permanent or not.

We’ll be around to answer your questions in batches over the next seven days. Please remember our Community Guidelines as you post.


@jamesgiroux Your decision is good, hope authors will like it :slight_smile:

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Good news! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for detailed information, it’s really important changes for authors.

That’s great! I could’nt believe at my eyes when I saw that 1 day for the queue!
I feel motivated to shoot again some timelapses!
Thanks also for my weekly limit set to 99999 uploads, i’ll do my best to try not to exceed it! :joy:


Thanks, but I have a problem!
I received an email that I can upload videos (10 videos per week).
But logging into your account, I do not see the form to upload.
My login is “hotyl”


Same situation

It sounds fair. Good news Envato.:call_me_hand:

t sounds fair. Good news Envato

I have 10 uploads. It sounds fair and clear. I am happy with my current position. Good improvement in current situation, Envato team! :blush:

I have the option to upload new jobs disabled. Could you activate it again? but I do not understand the purpose of this email that you send me. Thank you!

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Thanks for your responses. We’re looking into individual cases of authors receiving the email but not having access. If this is you, you can also open up a ticket for personalized support.



i can’t upload and i don’t understand the way to summit. i sent my 10 samples but there is no e-mail about them.


Waiting for this on Aj :slight_smile:


Really weird system to limit contributors I have to say…You already have a narrower selection of clips of any subject. Narrowing it more will only make customers search in other libraries.

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And there is. I began to upload sometimes on other stocks, and this already brings sales. Envato sent me a letter that opened me access to download again, BUT in the profile there is no download button until now. Although it came a week after the letter from Envato.
What are you guys doing there?!
Looks like you’re losing potential profit.

I still like the site, for a variety of options. A want again work with you, so…

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I’m recently start to making after effect project and stock footage, sound good Envato updating system I hope faster learn to how make project can accept my first try was not successful :grinning: but respond time was fast I like that part :sweat_smile: I making new project looking forward to see what happen next !
:+1: James

Well its great information…thanks for sharing your knowledge with us…

Hello, i get the mail too that i am now allowed again to upload new items with the weekly limit. I am just a little confused now, when i was trying a new motion graphic… in the new upload page i can not select motion graphic as item type. Does it mean that i just can upload stock footage? i did not read something about this in the e-mail. i have many stock footage to send, hoping that they will be okay for you, for me i just would like to know what about motion graphics. can i send them too or is it not possible. Thanks alot for an answer

Best regards

You, probably, have to send a portofolio of motion graphics for review. There was an anouncement about it in some forum post arround here.

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