Can anybody tell me what i shoud to do to upload video footage?

Hi! i came here to sell video footages. and now is some restriction. Who can tell me what is going on here. How is situation?


To request access to upload stock footage and motion graphics items, you must submit a portfolio. To submit a portfolio, please fill in this form if you already not submitted.

Details and links regarding applications can be found here:
VideoHive Upload Permissions and Portfolio Review.


@mgscoder I wonder, can I submit my current videohive(after effects projects) portfolio for “motion graphics” ?

you should submit your portfolio which will reflect your item quality regarding the chosen category Stock Footage/Motion Graphics. As when you will submit the form you have to enter your username envato will be bale to see your envato profile. So, you can use extra portfolio outside envato.

I mean can I use only my envato profile as a portfolio? If I don’t have any portfolio outside envato.

you can try, you have to submit your quality.