why I am prohibited from uploading to certain VideoHive categories? please advice


please check this:

Hope will help.


thanks…terima kasih

How do I fill in the link on Stock Footage Application? Do I have to upload my video to YouTube?


To request access to upload stock footage and motion graphics items, you must submit a portfolio. To submit a portfolio, please fill in this form if you already not submitted.


Where should I upload a stock footage sample?

I think you can host them anywhere you like just linkup them in the form field so that reviewer can check those link to see those samples.

thank you so much

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how long does the team review my stock sample?

sorry! to say I have no exact idea. So, you can contact Author Support. As far I know it can take more than 1/2 month(s) based on review queue. Thanks

okay…i’ll try contact authors…thanks

please share your experience about this topic to where you upload your files and how long they take to be reviewed?