upload videos / titanic task

Hello Beautiful people! I’ve been trying to attach my preview video for days along with my .zip and cover image, I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing it, if it has to do with browser type … there are days you upload and more days not. HELP TO :)!!! Thank you!

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Try to upload it via ftp

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What type of item are you uploading? If it’s stock footage, and you’re using the new uploader (which it looks like you are), there’s no need to upload a thumbnail, cover image or preview. You just need to upload the video itself and the system will generate all those for you.

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Hello!! thanks for answering

I understand that multiclip motion graphics need to be uploaded in a .zip and once uploaded the cover art and video preview need to be attached using this method.

Upload the .zip via FTP, but I have to upload the preview video this way because there is no other.

Or there is something I am doing wrong.

Hello, thanks for answering!

Upload the .zip via FTP, but the motion graphics video preview only allows me to upload like this.

Try this. Upload your motion graphics video preview only, then after approval then u can update

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Excellent !!! I thought it was more complicated, thank you very much for your contribution and for your time, thank you very much !! Idol!!