Can't even upload any product

from last day I am still trying to upload some motion graphics but on my both accounts uploading just stopped right after i click on Upload.

it stucks on 00.0Bytes and then no futher process.
checked my internet it’s speed is perfectly right
tried changing the network (Broadband to 5G ) but still no progress.

is anybody there who is facing the same issue,
help me guys

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I have faced the same issue. Then I uploaded my files via FTP and that works. So I will suggest Uploading your files via FTP.

I am confused, if I delete files on FTP server then will it be deleted from Envato too.

And preview videos are not getting uploaded after solving this issue with FTP.

First Upload your file via FTP. Then go to the Motion Graphics Upload / Prepare tab where you will see all uploaded files. then you can edit them from there. Like adding tags or uploading a preview image.

Have you tried changing the video picture or adding a preview? It hasn’t worked for me since yesterday. The files just won’t load.

Sorry. I haven’t tried that before. But now I can see it not is working for me as well.

I have tried everything in every possible way but it doesn’t work for me.

Same problem

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Same issue happen to me

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I don’t know but I too can’t upload any product to the market

Developers are informed about upload problem and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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