Motion Graphic upload not working?

I created a thread with no luck in support. So created a new one based on this issue. The select files link is not working? What can I do to fix this?


Take a look on this article hope it will solved your problem.


None of those articles helped, literally the select files link doesn’t do anything when I click on it, so im unable to move to the next step. Only “upload with FTP” is functioning. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Trying to upload my next project. Might need to contact envato directly for further help…

If you are an envato author.

open a envato ticket


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May be you should try using a different browser. It might be a browser issue.

Hello, I have problems to.
I upload the zip. with MOV clips, and I can not move forward.
Please let me know.

Tried safari, it worked :slight_smile: Chrome seems to not work atm.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: tried safari, but not work :frowning: I do´t know what is roung