Video preview uploading problem

Hi guys, I am having some problems with the new uploading system. All the files and images are there, but when I try to upload the VIDEO PREVIEW, it says: Failed While Uploading
It’s been 3 days that I am trying… any advice? Thank you!

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Same here. Upload goes to 7mb and gets stuck for a while then fails!
(22 days so far)

Hi Abdelrahman! I have been having this problem for a while, still don’t know the reason. Anyway I managed to upload it using a different browser… try this way, it should work! :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried firefox - chrome - internet explorer (yep. that desperate).
Today I’m getting new issues with the FTP which can’t connect to (


can you help me with the latest upload method for the motion graphic category?? … after all uploaded and filled in all the information and set the price i’m start to get stuck there

the problem is…

I did not find the upload button ,
Please help me
thank you

Hi everybody, i have a question;
Do we no longer need to put watermark on preview videos? Does videohive put it automatically?
I havent uploaded motion graphics for 2 months. I guess i miss new changes.