I cant upload for a while

I cant submit videos for a while, I ve uploaded via FTP but I can not see the edit page. what is going on?
it says that on the upload page in that link “https://videohive.net/content/upload/form?utf8=✓&type=motion-graphics

404 - Nothing to see here

Just kidding. There’s plenty to see on VideoHive. Why not

try a search, or take a look at our Popular files?

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Could you explain a bit, instead of laughing at the smiles? Are you able to upload files properly?

Sorry, my language didn’t help me alot, I am really sorry,I thought this is just kind of joking and gain some traffic to your page and there is no problems

I hope you will accept my apology

No problem for me
Sometimes, these issues was happening because of Flash player not install or activated or the antivirus could forbid some properties of the uploading tool or even the browser was old

Use Google Chrome and install the latest update of adobe player

I ve installed chrome but nothing changed, I ve opened a support ticket and waiting for now…

I just managed to upload a motion graphic item via the new upload tool.
I’ve uploaded everything one by one via my browser (chrome), first the Zip file containing the item, then I could upload my custom preview video in h.264, preview image and thumbnail, filled all the rest up and finally submitted it.
Haven’t tried yet to upload via FTP or Dropbox but so far so good!

I cant upload more than 10mb files via new web upolad tool, but why? when upload came 10mb, upload has suddenly stopped and cant go further… also I cant upload using new ftp instructions which requires new API thing… upload program has give an error and didnt upload…

dropbox also gave an error and didnt connect “This app is unable to link additional users because it has been frozen pending review.”

anyone success?

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I want to say that, I ve changed my FTP client and all things turn to normal, I thought this was a bug, but it was caused by the FTP client that I was using for a long time, I am able to upload by using new FTP instructions, new client is filezilla, FYI…

did you success to upload preview files with new web upload tool? I cannot upload any preview files with that, uploads stopped almost half and never comlete…

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Yes I did!
If it doensn’t work you could try to just upload your clip with automated preview and then upadate it as soon as it gets online!

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Completely successful the all uploading files ( Main zip,H264 video,Pre Image and Thumbnail,
and i filled descriptions and other blank,But i cant appear SUBMIT button any place,But SAVE button available …??? what is that ???

Yes, I’m having similar issues.

  • FTP does’t connect. (filezilla - ftp.author.envato.com)
  • Dropbox can’t link the preview files
  • Uploading via browser stops before 10mb!!!

Now what?

eheh… I ve tried that and it works… good solution, thanks.

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