New upload tool for Motion Graphics

Currently I’m trying to upload my Motion Graphics item and I’ve got a bunch of questions!
First of all, there’s a link to an old upload tool in VideoHive Requirements which isn’t avaliable. I only switch to the new uploader tool. And where can I find the ID(s) for all watermarked AudioJungle items?
Thanks in advance!

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You can find ID on the item page’s weblink.

Just tried new upload tool with a single clip. Seems to be a great thing for items without custom previews. Like it :blush:

The only moment I want to check is what quality still preview and thumbnail it will make.

Here you can reach the old upload form:

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Thank you very much, I really confused with the new update, even i try the FTP upload I can’t really understand it

I used it 3 times last week but they seem to have brought it down … any other means to get to the old uploader?

Doesn’t work for me either. I will tag @KingDog and @jamesgiroux to please take a look at this.

We need the old upload form for custom previews.

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I’ve uploaded to the FTP and it no longer seems to work but the website uploading works fine. If you want custom previews upload a zip file instead of the video file.


Have you guys temporarily disabled the upload for stock footage and motion graphics?
I had a look at reviewing time and they are disappeared from the queue

For some reason linking custom previews from dropbox doesn’t work!
so thumbnails / preview images / preview videos can’t be attached via dropbox. The page stays the same and no files are linked.
uploading directly through the browser fails each time at 6mb.


Any ideas how to download files using the old downloader? Old link not work. I don’t like new downloader ;(

Folks, ok, this new clip upload system which include automatic generating previews is good feature but how we upload individual clips such as including videos more than one clips? are we going to upload them as they were on the old system?

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The FTP upload still not working. Tried the website upload with a zip file and it works.

Hi, is anybody have such problem? After uploading single video /I never try with multiply / on upload page showing “processing” of my files but on dashboard there are no any sign that I have upload the item and waiting for review.

after they shut down the old link, i try the new web uploader, i use Zip file for all clip and upload the custom preview in clip tab, it works normal for me, nothing is wrong it, the only problem now is take more than 1 week to queue the review :tired_face:

ups… would I upload video in zip?
I only have upload main video(no zip), without preview video with watermark etc.
CAn you now see on dashboard , that your item is uploaded and waiting for review?

I can see my new uploaded videos on waiting for queue on my dashboard, howewer, I am able to upload preview files via FTP but still cannot select for preview files to a zip file which has uploaded before because system has not option for select any preview files, there have only web upload option but this is not work currently…

well guys,
i wish to upload a light leak set.
it should be in a zip file for the main file. a preview clip and JPG files (2).
i dont understand how will it work.
it only works for a single file now.
please help!!

yup you can zip all your file, and then upload the custom preview in preview tab, it works good for me, more simple than the old FTP upload, cause i can take the file from dropbox, so no more issue with web upload if our connection not stable.

my item now is already 4 days to review, last review take abut 8 or 9 days.