Editing items

Hey folks, when I’m editing motion graphics items, for exmaple I need to change my file with some other one (better quality or similar), is there any way to avoid this old UI where I need to upload zip file instead of my mp4 (which is done in new form for motion graphics category) and where I need to upload preview video (instead of automatically generating it).

So, my question is, is there any way to do this without this much pain? Thanks!

As far as I am aware the new uploader for stock and motion graphics only applies to new submissions. If you wish to edit an existing item, I think you’re stuck with the “old” uploader.

I think their logic here was: If you want to have more control over the contents of your submission (more than what you had when initially uploading) it is available to you via the old uploader in the “edit” phase.

Either that or they simply haven’t gotten around to updating the uploader for edits yet.


I think the latter is more true to what was in envato’s heads, but the former is actually good to have :smiley:

Yes, except the part that you have to create preview video on your own again (imagine having to do that for huge amount of videos), and that you have to zip the file, for no reason whatsoever. (zip in case of mp4 or other compressed video doesn’t do anything).

Why do you have to update a huge amount of videos?

Good question. Mistakes happen, unfortunately :slight_smile: