New motion graphics uploader and custom previews

Motion graphics has a new uploader. and things are a tad confusing.
I understand that this is appropriate for stock footage because you can submit multiple clips at once, but i can’t figure out how this is better or even appropriate for motion graphics.

First of all:
Custom video previews are essential for motion graphics to highlight included features, such as depth maps or alpha channels.
Picking Thumbnails / preview images automatically by the uploader is not ideal, and can miss the main subject entirely.
By making this an automated process, I’m afraid submitted footage will lose the author’s touch and become boring to look at.

The help pages have not been updated to reflect the new change. so now there are two different submission requirements for motion graphics.

Third: How do you even?
I like using ftp because i can throttle uploading speeds and resume failed big files, and the new uploader “seems” to have ftp. but no matter how many times i upload a file, it doesn’t show up. Instead i get stuck on the “your items are processing” page.

Fourth: Multiple clips for the same item.
So the answer to this is to upload zip files directly instead of clips, right? but how will the previews be generated and what will it look like. will it start playing the alpha channel as the first clip?
if solvable then how to get by this error to upload zips?

Please bring the old uploader back, or at least make it available side by side to the new and “improved” one.
I speak for myself when i say that i don’t like the new uploader.


I have the same problems. files dont show up, cant even login with the new ftp details

Host: works

Host: does not work

the old uploader is still working



is right , how you can upload multiple file and seperate them in two items ? and how you can make custom preview , I dont like at all


The old uploader is no longer there, and zip files still wouldn’t show up once uploaded. tried all browsers.

This is pretty disappointing to say the least.


Yes. You should contact I will do it.

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