How to upload custom Preview Video and Image (Motion Graphic)?

Hello Envato community. Thank you for a new uploader. I know you are trying to make it simplier and better overall. But I can’ find how to upload my own custom made preview video, image and thumbnail for motion graphic. Not so satisfied with automaticaly made by a new uploader. And I used some audio from AudioJunge for my preview video but now can’t able to use it. Tried do it via old uploader but clicking any link to old uploader just send me to the new one.

@KingDog can you forward this issue to a dev? The old upload tool is not reachable via the links provided in the UI.

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This link should work to get to the old upload form:

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Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much for this link! God bless you :smiley:
stok video uploader for motion graphics — Its a disaster!
Envato just ruining all workflow