Can't upload preview image in stock video (motion Graphic) category

Hi there, new user here

I’m trying to uploads a Preview Image on stock video (Motion Graphic), but the images are never uploaded. the upload window always disappear in the middle of upload when the blue upload bar still progress. It just happen since this week.

I’m sure the files are correct. JPG files. And I’ve already clear cache the browser, restart internet modem, and even use other computer but still can’t upload the preview images. Preview video and the main files are uploads normally.
Any solution for this?

Update 23 Feb 2024 : Now I can’t upload anything on stock video (main files, Preview, Image preview)

Update 26 Feb 2024 : All upload in stock video is works now


yes. same problem to me @BenLeong @KingDog

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll put the word out.


Hi, I use the uploader interface on the Videohive website. When I upload the motion graphics file itself, it automatically becomes part of the preview video. However, I would like to have a separate preview video, but I don’t know how to attach it separately. How can I solve this issue so that there is a separate preview video and the motion graphics file as content? Thank you in advance!

I think there is a button to change the preview and upload the other preview in the top corner of the preview. but I’m not sure since I can’t upload both the video preview and image preview right now

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same problem to me…

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Update 26 Feb 2024 : All upload in stock video is works now



We can’t find the proper description anywhere on how to select the separate cover video and the downloadable file on the VideoHive interface during upload. Could you assist with this? Any link or instructions?

Hi KingDog, can you help me?

Just point your mouse at the video preview and a “magic button” will appear in the upper right corner of the window: “Change video”. If you press it, a window will pop up and you just need to upload your “new” preview. That’s all.

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Hi Miko,

Thanks for your help. So, first, let’s upload the source file. After that, we’ll follow the method you mentioned to replace the preview video and add a custom cover image.

(If I replace the preview video, the source file won’t be lost, right? I don’t see any indication suggesting otherwise…)

Best, BlacklightVisual

Yes, sure. The source file will remain unchanged.
Simply, if you add a new source file, the uploader automatically makes a video preview and a video picture from this file - but you can also add your own using the option I wrote about above. Only the “Envato” watermark will be added to your custom video preview.


Thanks Miko!!

Okay, now the only question is why they don’t accept the gradient loop, citing quality standards. It’s simply incomprehensible to us, and we’re completely clueless, considering the average quality of the files produced.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you much on this topic… You can never predict what will be accepted by Envato and what won’t.