New Stock Footage Upload Page Coming to VideoHive

I’m pleased to announce that over the next few weeks we will be rolling out a new upload tool for our VideoHive footage and motion graphics authors. We hope this new upload page makes it much easier to upload and submit your clips to VideoHive. We’ll be launching the page to more and more authors over the coming weeks, so if you see the following message next time you visit the VideoHive upload page, you’ll know that you have been granted access to this great new tool.

Here’s a list of some of the exciting new features that should make it easier for footage and motion graphics authors to upload their new items

Previews & Thumbnails Auto-generated
No more need to upload separate thumbnails and preview videos! The new upload process will generate these files from your uploaded video. You no longer need to create a ZIP file for your item - simply upload your clip as an MOV or MP4 file and we’ll take care of the rest! We’ll auto-detect some of the technical metadata such as duration & resolution and will also generate a watermarked preview video.

Upload from Dropbox
As well as uploading files from your browser using new drag and drop upload, you can upload your items directly from your Dropbox account. And of course you can still upload using FTP!

Prepare and Submit Multiple Items
You no longer need to submit files one by one. You can upload as many files as you like, prepare the tags and descriptions for all of your files and then send your files to the review process with a single submission.

For more information about the new upload experience, please see our Help Center FAQ


Interesting…well to add an option to upload the custom preview images.

Been waiting for this for a very long time! Great news. Although, please allow an option to override the auto-generated preview and thumbs if required… sometimes it’s handy to add text, checkerboard backgrounds to highlight transparency, add music etc.

Dropbox upload is a nice touch! :grinning:


One question… the upload from Dropbox: is it going to upload via a system similar to FTP or more like the current web-based uploads?

The reason I ask is that I’ve never been able to upload anything over 500MB using the normal web based upload system. I have to use FTP and for some reason I have trouble a lot of the time with FTP… sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.

As a result, I try and keep all my files under 500MB, which limits me to what I can create. If I can upload 500MB+ stuff via this Dropbox thing then that opens up a whole new world of exciting space stuff! More 4K work, longer clips, more transparency rather than having to include luma mattes etc.


Wow. Great news.
I want to ask a question. You will enter an automatic video resolution conversion?

Thanks for the feedback @SpaceStockFootage! Here’s a couple of responses:

We’ve built the new upload page with speed and efficiency in mind - so currently these assets are auto-generated. But we realise some authors sometimes prefer to use custom assets with their items… so the old upload form can still be used if you prefer to provide your own thumbnails etc.

As we ramp up usage of the new (auto-generating) upload process we’ll keep a close eye on how many authors are still uploading their own thumbnails/previews… if we’re still seeing significant usage of this we’ll build the feature into the new service before we shut down the old page.

Once your files are in your Dropbox folder, you won’t need to re-upload them to Envato… so the file size shouldn’t be an issue for you. Our 3GB limit (overall) will still apply but we hope that it’ll be much easier to manage and submit larger files.


Great stuff, thanks for that!

Interesting… Great news.

Great!! The dropbox option looks very promising. Will this be available for other Upload pages, such as After Effects project? This would be really helpful, since ftp gives some problems sometimes with big files.

Great news! It would be good if you give opportunity to edit already submitted items in the dashboard (change name, description, etc.)

Please don’t kill the older upload version! Why you got to change it and make it worse every time and you mess up our uploading time instead of improving it? This is annoying right when I created a good workload for my files I get a complete new design.

At least leave the old version in parallel.

In the future, I’d have thought so, but for now it seems like they’re wanting to trial it with a set of users on just one VideoHive category.

As mentioned above, the old version will still be available (at least for the time being), so don’t worry about it too much. Having said that, a change to your workflow every now and again is never a bad thing! You might even like the new changes :wink:

:slight_smile: Great news, thanks for that but the old version must be present permanently.
Sometimes, for example in a set of videos is better able to shape themselves previews. Besides all this how you will be picked up packs of files.
Have you thought about that?
What will happen automatically video preview of a package of three videos ??

Really great news!

Thanks for your feedback and questions - these are all valid points and concerns. I forgot to mention in the previous post, but we’ve been working on this new page for the last year or so (in between many other projects). Some of you may remember a survey that we ran a year or so ago. This, along with some follow up interviews with authors informed us a lot about which features to prioritise in the new tool. We’ve also had a few authors testing this for us over the last few months and they have provided some more great insights and feedback.

Below are some more responses.

Over time we will look to roll this out to other areas - one of the current constraints with the upload pages across all of Envato Market is that they are very similar for all different item types. But of course a great user experience that works for theme uploads might be different to one that works for After Effects. We chose to tackle Stock Footage first - but have built the foundations of a platform that will allow us to roll this out to other areas. No timings on any of the other categories yet, but it’s certainly in the plan.

Unfortunately this isn’t something we’ll address as part of this project - however, we know that there are some improvements needed to the way items can be managed and viewed while in the review queue. So it’s something we are keen to address. Watch this space :slight_smile:

As @SamBerson mentioned, we won’t be closing off the old upload page yet. We’re well aware that there are features and processes in the old page that work for some people, which is why we’ll keep the 2 running for a while. We’re hoping that we’ve done such a great job on the new page, we’ll convince you all that there’s no need for the old one :slight_smile: But of course we’ll keep you informed all the way.

The old page will still be available for multiple clips - as with some of the other features (custom thumbnails etc), we’ll assess whether to recreate these in the new tool as we get more feedback from authors.

That’s some very important information to share under “Envato announcements” category post -_-

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Quick question… How long should the ‘Processing your files…’ time take on the new upload system?
I’ve uploaded a few trial clips and they don’t get past the processing stage… last one I tried I left on processing for over 4 hours with no success… so I’m guessing something isn’t right there? Unless they process over night or something?

Hi @DSalt,

Processing should normally take just a minute or so. As you guessed, there was a problem with the processing stage when you uploaded the files. The team are currently looking into fixing this issue. The good news is that your files were successfully uploaded, so once the processing issue has been fixed your files should be available for final preparation of description and tags etc.

I’ll update this thread as soon as the issue is resolved and apologies for the inconvenience!

Great thanks for the reply!