Auto-Re-sizing for 3840 x 2160 video down to 1080p upon upload.

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From what i seem to remember, other Microstock sites allow authors to upload a main video file in 4K, and from that file, their system automatically creates/converts a 1080p version and 720p / Web version. It does this for you automatically and sets a price.

Why does VH lag behind? currently the Videohive upload process makes one’s portfolio DOUBLE the amount of items as we have to upload a 4k version, then upload the same version again in 1080p.

Isn’t it about time Envato updated it’s software to allow Video authors to submit just one 4K file then the system automatically converts and downsizes to a 1080p or 720p web version?

It is long overdue.

How underwhelming, Wow. Really no response from Envato VideoHive?

Sent with kindest regards to Inoxide and SpaceStockFootage. This is what I just posted as response to another post, I believe it’s relevant:


I am also a Microstock Plus user, but new. I have no issues with several stock video agency uploads, all accept my video clips through M Plus with my title, description and keywords as a customer ready file. Please respond to my questions, I’m a newbie to Envato VideoHive and am trying to make it work for me:
1- Does VideoHive really not create the lower resolution file and add their watermark to that second file, the “preview” file.? If they do not, why? It could be an automated process from their end.
2- Didn’t see any buttons or queues for a second file, a “preview,” to be added in the upload queue. Is there one? Where? Did I miss the button or queue?
3- Do I even upload the full size or just the “preview” file at submission? If I don’t upload the full size file at submission, must I upload the full size file each and every time the file is purchased for use? If this is so, it does not appear that I would be able to monetize clips efficiently enough to realize a profit. Each time I touch a clip I’m into about 20 minutes of my time; 20 minutes is a third of an hour, at 50 dollars an hour I would have spent nearly 17 dollars of my time. This does not include my overhead, equipment, transportation, filming and post production time.
With a test Microstock Plus upload to VideoHive I get an “Upload Failed” message for clip that should have meet all the normal requirements of title, keywords, categories, size, length, quality. Ideas?

I sincerely would like to be a contributor for Envato VideoHive. Just need your direction to make this a worthwhile business case. I look forward to your ideas to make this work with Microstock Plus. Thank you :slight_smile:

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The issue has been responded to before, but it’s been a while. I think it was basically along the lines of “We hear you. No plans to change it at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted”. And while the forum is good for getting answers to questions, it’s not really the best place to get an official response from Envato, so you’d be best contacting support. As for the other questions…

  1. They do… watermarked preview files are created automatically.
  2. No need, just upload the main video file.
  3. You upload the full size video.

*The answers are based on people using the new uploader. It’s pretty different with the old one where you have to create your own watermarked preview video and preview images etc etc. I’m pretty sure everyone is on the new uploader now though. If it’s the one where you can drag and drop multiple clips into the upload box then that’s the new one!

Also… I have no idea how Microstock Plus works. If I had to guess then it could be an issue with the account info needed for content to be sent to the right account. Maybe you have to create a token on Envato or something. If you’re following all the instructions then it’s unlikely to be an issue with the video file itself.

It’s a good idea to be able upload 4k and FullHD video in one item with different price. This will avoid duplicated item in the market and provide the best choice for the buyer without additional search for necessary resolution.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. All the very best!

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