Feature request: better tools for 4k footage authors

This post ( http://community.envato.com/should-videohive-authors-be-uploading-in-4k/ ) on community.envato reminded me to post here on forums.

4k is getting more and more into use - there is rising offer and also rise in sales of 4k footage, I’d say.
However, the rise is slow and because of the much higher price, sales of 1080p footage are still in the majority. Therefore authors of stock footage are still uploading BOTH 4k and 1080p versions of the same footage.

However, I’ve noticed that some authors don’t do this - either they aren’t aware they are allowed to do so, or they simply don’t want to waste any more time on already-too-slow-and-demanding upload process required by the VideoHive. Moreover, by submitting two versions of the SAME footage as two different items is already creating a mess in the VideoHive library.

Therefore, I thought it’s time to open a discussion about new feature request: automatic downscaling of stock footage, just like it is done on competitor marketplaces, or even on the Envato’s own PhotoDune (photography marketplace). Authors would need to upload only the highest resolution clip, and the downscaling to a few most common resolutions would be done automatically.

Any thoughts on this?


Sign me up!

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I remember this being talked about even back in the old forums, shame nothing has happened since then.

Videohive needs to urgently get a system like photodune (or any other major stock video site) where the buyer can choose from different resolutions on the same item page. I’m O.K. with either automatic downscaling from envato or us authors providing 2 files (one FullHD and one 4K).

Please, someone from staff… the same exact video presented as two different items simply because of resolution means: more confusion for buyers, more (redundant) work for authors, more (redundant) work for reviewers, messier author portfolio and in the long run a super cluttered videohive library.

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Often the auto downscaling can leave the resulting footage a little soft. I think the better way would be for a seller to upload both formats (if they are providing 4K and HD) and for Envato to implement a facility for the buyer to choose which format they want and have the price recalculated depending on the required format.

Having two of the same item in the store is just redundant and confusing for purchasers. Sort of akin to the silly naming issues going in the AJ market (thousands of items titled ‘epic cinematic corporate’).

Although personally I’m in favor of automatic downscaling, even what you suggest is a good (temporary?) solution - and it was also one of the suggestions proposed in earlier tries to communicate this issue.
It would definitely help by introducing more clear footage library and avoid potential (not so rare) issues during the review process.

I personally have almost 180 4k videos currently for sale on VideoHive, plus some more time lapses in 3k, which roughly counts as at least 200 duplicates (for both resolutions) coming just from me! Not counting all incoming submissions.
Imagine all other authors who upload both 4k and 1080p versions as separate files… I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s measured by thousands already.

This was on my Christmas gifts list for two years now…Nothing happens. Updates, please!