Innovatons for Videohive Stock Footage

In essence, the Videohive marketplace hasn’t changed for 9 years.

But as a previous author posted some time ago, we’re still waiting for the day when Envato (VideoHive) will implement a system similar to that on PhotoDune, where an author would only upload the maximum available resolution and the system automatically scales down the video if/when needed.

Competitors have this system for quite some time now. It seems ludicrous why stock authors have to spend so much time processing, tagging and uploading a 4K file… and then doing exactly the same for an identical 1080pHD file.

It’s doubling our item portfolio unnessacarily! Not only that, it surely is doubling Envato’s storage space!

I’d love the day whereby we just upload a 4K file - then Envato processes it so the buyer has the dropdown menu option of paying for a 4K, 1080p, or 729p version depending whether they need for tv/film broadcast, Youtube or Web.

That is a great idea.

I think Videohive is way behind all the other marketplaces. It took me 3 days to upload 30 timelapses!! Just creating all the previews, images and converting the different version, this is way too long! What about templates? Doing 60 times the same thing over and over is just very annoying. The best would be to just upload the high quality and the site creates preview video and smaller version of it automatically like you said. I like being able to custom the thumbnail and image preview but that would be great to have an option to have the site do it for us. And what about editorial clips? No? It’s time to do some useful updates on this website!

But hey, I feel like they don’t care about what the authors think anyway …

Absolutely. if Envato are going to stay at the pinnacle of professional stock media, like BBC, like Gettys, they need to allow the option for Editorial use. Images and video ocntent of Politicians, Media, current affairs events. These are what professional broadcasters use.

There is too much hands-on management by Envato ‘You can’t upload this because it contains this/that blah balh’. Let the Buyer make an authorised decision whether to use Editorial content for non-commercial use.

And as you say, it’s taking me so long to edit 15 timelapse videos, it’s ridiculous. Surely Envato can introduce a software that can create a preview from the file youy upload?

Envato need to listen, because the tide is turning… Fotolia along with it’s Adobe Stock userbase is looking REALLY attractive at the moment, and i’m not even joking. It’s not enough to just give us gimmicks such as ‘badges’.

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Exactly, I will stop uploading here and go somewhere else. Much better, much easier. They are going to lose money if they don’t do anything …

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Envato don’t care for stockfootage…