microstock.plus video upload error

I’m uploading my videos in bulk on the microstock.plus site. But it gives an upload error. So, for example, I uploaded 33 videos. In the upload information of 32 videos, “queded” is constantly written, and in the upload information of 1 video, “uploading” is constantly written. Isn’t it unusual for it to take so long to upload?

It sounds like you did not buy a subscription, the free version is limited to 33 files as I can remember.

Thank you for your comment.

No, there is no problem with that. I assigned the videos to the agencies. The videos were accepted in 6 agencies. I just ran into this issue on videohive.

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I am also a Microstock Plus user, but new. I have no issues with several stock video agency uploads, all accept my video clips through M Plus with my title, description and keywords as a customer ready file. Please respond to my questions, I’m a newbie to Envato VideoHive and am trying to make it work for me:
1- Does VideoHive really not create the lower resolution file and add their watermark to that second file, the “preview” file.? If they do not, why? It could be an automated process from their end.
2- Didn’t see any buttons or queues for a second file, a “preview,” to be added in the upload queue. Is there one? Where? Did I miss the button or queue?
3- Do I even upload the full size or just the “preview” file at submission? If I don’t upload the full size file at submission, must I upload the full size file each and every time the file is purchased for use? If this is so, it does not appear that I would be able to monetize clips efficiently enough to realize a profit. Each time I touch a clip I’m into about 20 minutes of my time; 20 minutes is a third of an hour, at 50 dollars an hour I would have spent nearly 17 dollars of my time. This does not include my overhead, equipment, transportation, filming and post production time.
With a test Microstock Plus upload to VideoHive I get an “Upload Failed” message for clip that should have meet all the normal requirements of title, keywords, categories, size, length, quality. Ideas?

I sincerely would like to be a contributor for Envato VideoHive. Just need your direction to make this a worthwhile business case. I look forward to your ideas to make this work with Microstock Plus. Thank you :slight_smile: