Can't find my first uploaded clip!

So I used Filezilla to upload my first clip (because it’s larger than 500MB). Now where do I go to see it and price it? I’ve been looking for a “your uploads” link for over an hour now. Help?

You should see it listed on the item upload page, and you can select it from the dropdown list for “Main Files”.

Full details here:

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Thank you for responding! The instructions in your link say to “Go to your Envato Market author dashboard and navigate to the upload page.” I do this but there is only the option to upload a new file. There is no sign of the clips I already uploaded. There was only one folder available to drag the clips to in Filezilla, maybe that was the wrong folder?

Hi, in your dashboard on the right, there is this box called “upload an item”. Choose the category (Stock Footage, Motion Graphics etc) that is correct and click next. This brings you to the upload form, where you can enter all the details like Item Name, description etc.

Also on this page you can upload your files. If you have uploaded to the ftp recently, you should be able to choose your files in the dropdown for the individual items like thumbnail, video preview, main files etc.

Okay, I found my clips after going to the next page but the problem is, they’re the same clip with different frame rates and now I can’t seem to edit them separately to give them those different frame rates.

You can only choose one framerate for each item. What do you upload, Stock Footage or Motion Graphics?

I uploaded three video clips that are the same shot with different frame rates. I can’t select any one of the three, the only thing I can do to them individually is remove/delete them.

Did you read this?

You can either upload your three clips together (in a zip) and sell them so that each buyer gets all 3 files. Or upload them seperately but this might not be allowed here as you basically upload the same file 3 times. I know that it is allowed to have different versions for different resolution, but framerate might be a different thing.

Maybe wait until a videohive official helps you with that or contact support for this.

No, I somehow missed that page. So we have to re-render every clip at a preview size and do the watermarking ourselves?

Yes, you also need to create a thumbnail and a preview jpeg.
There is also no way to batch process files yet, so you will have to edit tags, metadata etc all for each item one by one.

edit/ actually, if we are talking about Stock Footage I’m not sure if there is already a way to batch process them. They announced some time ago that this will come, but I’m not doing Stock Footage so I don’t know.