New Uploading Tool

Any chance you could enable the new upload tool for motion graphics clips as well as stock footage @MarkBrodhuber? As it’s already live for stock, I’m assuming it would be relatively simple to turn it on for motion graphics? Maybe I’m wrong, you never know!

But won’t the Review times skyrocket?

Quality, commercial value, usability, a robust review process … these things should be barriers to entry. Not how difficult or easy it is to submit content. By your reasoning, maybe they could complicate the process further to reduce people submitting content… maybe having to upload one preview image for every frame of the video? Only accept Quicktime Animation, so it takes longer to upload? Require the content is zipped up ten times, with folders within folders?

Submitting should be simple and accessible to everyone… being approved shouldn’t.

Please envato chance the enable the new upload tool stock footage i’m waiting long time please chance it. Thanks,