How to sell multiple videos in one package?

Hello! I’ve seen a lot of authors selling multiple product packages and been trying to find out how to do that as well, but with no luck. Can you help me? I want to make a package for multiple animated backgrounds in videohive.

Hi, you can put them all in a zip file and upload that. You then need to make a custom preview file that you can then add in the upload dashboard.

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If you are talking about creating a pack of your already published items, probably this article is for you.

Thank you, it worked! :smiley: I was sceptical at this solution at first, because I tried to do the same maybe a year ago or more, but videohive system didn’t let me to upload it like that. As I remember, I received an error that .zip files are not allowed or not supported, but now it works! Maybe some updates came out regarding this type of upload?

Thank you, but solution with .zip files worked!

You can check this