I need a set of titles to use in more then 1 video


Hi everybody

I see a lot of nice titlepacks on the videohive website, but if I understand correctlly, I can only use them in one video? I’m working on a promotional campagne that consists of more video’s. Where can I buy a licence for this kind of use?


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Hi Ken,

for project files, videohive unfortunately only has single use licenses right now. However, single use doesn’t automatically mean you cannot use it in several videos.
For example, if your videos are all part of one series, this is considered a single end product. To get more information about what exactly defines a single application, take a look at this part of the license FAQs:

Another thing to note is that if you buy a bundle that contains several items/animations, you buy one license for each included item. So if you are buying a pack of 50 title animations, you can use each of them in a different end product.

In general, if you are unsure about the license, it’s always good to contact envato support and describe your specific case. They can tell you exactly if what you are trying to do is allowed under the currently offered license types.

You can contact envato support here:

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