Videohive multiple videos


If I buy a product to create a few videos for me or for my business it is oke?(not for my customers) Or I suppose to use that product just one time. I’m talking about one video explainer.

Thank you

Hi Krystann,

there are several different licenses available on videohive. For the stock footage and motion graphics category, there are single-use and multi-use licenses, while the project file categories (like After Effects Templates) all have only single use licenses that are split up in regular and extended license.

A single use doesn’t necessarily mean single video, though. For example, a series of videos can be considered one single use, if it is totally reasonable to say that all these videos belong to one bigger project/series.

For example, if you buy an After Effects Template for a Logo Animation and you animate your Logo of your Youtube channel with this, you can of course use it in all your Youtube channel videos and not just one.

For further details about this I’d recommend to check out the FAQs; especially the section “What is a single application?”:

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