A license question from a newbie motion graphic designer.


I’m new hired to a company as motion graphic designer in the marketing department.
I use videohive for years but mostly for personal using.
However, I’m trying to create marketing videos for the company, I might use Videohive aftereffect files sometime. Will regular license be enough to cover all usage? The end products are only for marketing and promotion using.

Thank you! Please help me T_T


Hi, as long as the end user (the viewer) does not have to pay to watch the content, a regular license is fine.
Keep in mind that each license is a single use license, i.e. you can only use it in one project for your company, and have to buy another license if you want to use the item for another project.

Make sure to take a look at the license faqs:


Thank you!
My only concern is solved now. Yes, I will follow the single use license rule for sure. Thank you very much!


If I use a motion graphic for an opener for a Non Profit Youtube Channel that will appear before different videos is that classed as a single project as the opener will not change.


Yes, that is classed as a single project, or better said, the videos on the youtube channel is considered a series, and the series is considered a single use case.

You can also take a look at this section of the FAQs to get a better overview of what is a single application: