Are you allowed to sell items both individually and as a collection?

New author here so I’m not 100% sure how this works. For example, if I had Item A, Item B, and Item C, could I sell each of those item for $5 each and have another listing that packages all of them together for $10? That way if people want to purchase only Item A, they can opt to do so. Wondering if that’s a violation against some rule Envato has.

If you are a theme author then no, in themeforest there is no bundle item. In codecanyon, graphicsriver you can but bundle should be the same family and you have to follow some rules.

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Ah got it, thanks. This is specifically for Videohive so maybe I should’ve included that first. Your article led me to this other one which explains that there are what’s known as child packs that surround a single theme which can be part of a larger parent pack. Still not 100% sure if these can be broken up into individual items though.

if you have any doubt you can contact Envato Author support. They can give you more specific answer. Thanks