New! Break up your video template packs into smaller bundles ✅

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To help maximize your item exposure and earnings potential, video template packs can now be broken into smaller groupings , making them suitable for customers looking to purchase smaller packs.

This also means you can upload your packs in a more profitable format to the Elements platform .

So, now is the perfect time to take a look at your most successful template packs and consider breaking them into smaller bundles! Plus, you can continue to sell your original larger pack as a separate item for those who need it.

How do I create small video template packs?

We’ve created a handy Help Center article outlining how you can turn your larger packs into smaller items for sale. Which you can view here:

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Good idea but not beneficial for everyone, because Elements platform accepts very a little amount of Author. :slightly_smiling_face:


Finally, I’ve been waiting for this option.
Question: if the pack includes PP and AE elements, it’s possible to make smaller bundles for AE and smaller bundles for PP or maybe even make the bundles with AE and PP all together? also, is there any special category for the smaller bundles so users can recognize directly it’s part of a big bundle?

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Is it ok if we break up Transitions Pack into small groups like Zoom Transitions, Split, Spin etc?

Hello, Can I now combine similar small projects into one large, and then sell this large bundle separately?


Hi, it works only if i upload small items on Elements Directly, or can upload on videohive market too?

Same question. Is the opposite of the new feature possible? from small projects to a pack

I think this can be done. If you have 10 projects in your profile and you want to present them as one package, you can. Considering the reverse logic, this is possible. Because if you are offering the package piece by piece, you should be able to offer the pieces as a package.

Both options are possible! Think about breaking the smaller packs into what a customer might need for a project that would use your items. Your PP and AE pack makes sense if the items are part of the same theme. To use the holiday example again, you might break a pack into ‘christmas items’ and include PP and AE options. In this example you could create a separate pack of ‘halloween items’ in PP and AE format.

A ‘holiday pack’ in AE only and a separate one in PP only could also work. I am going to check for you on the category question and will come back shortly with an answer :slight_smile:

This example works - as a customer may not need transitions for all platforms and they may be more inclined to purchase the item on Elements if it includes only the platform they need (eg zoom)

Hi! Do you have an example that you could give me?

For example i have a few movie intros and i am going to put them in one package.
[link removed]
[link removed]
[link removed]

Or i have a few trailers video
[link removed]
[link removed]
[link removed]

Is it possible to do this with the new rules?

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While we haven’t really worked this opposite approach into the plan, the end result would be the same… with one large item containing multiple smaller templates. And then a bunch of the smaller templates available individually. So I see no reason why this wouldn’t be permitted.

Just keep in mind, we’re going to have to monitor this scenario and formulate a policy around it if we find that it’s being abused. Generally speaking, you’re probably safe to include each of the child items into one larger parent bundle. But you shouldn’t come back a month later and submit a new parent bundle, containing one or more of the child items that were included in the previous parent bundle.


Please see my response here: New! Break up your video template packs into smaller bundles ✅ - #15 by MarkBrodhuber

Everything is very clear, thanks for the clarification.




I made a selection from my projects.


According to an article read on the forum, this is legal. I want to know why it was rejected. These files are not in other packages (!)

Feedback: “On Videohive we don’t accept bundles of previously accepted items.”

This contradicts what is written on the forum and similar packages accepted from others.

Thank You, Therealist Shop

Thanks for raising this, I’ll look into it immediately and get back to you.

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Thank You

Got everything sorted, the file has been approved!! Apologies for the inconvenience.