Make multiple small projects from a bigger and more expensive one

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if we are allowed to make multiple small projects from a bigger and more expensive existing project to sell for lower prices. For examples, can I sell individual scenes of this project ( link remove ) for a lower price? Like only a logo reveal?

Hey, nope. You can’t release a big project and then “unbundle it” into smaller projects, just like you can’t release small projects first and then also try to bundle them up and resell as a “bigger pack”. You either pick one or the other option.

That said if you don’t want to sell your big pack anymore, you can delete it from the marketplace and then you can submit each different animation from that pack as a separate project. And vise versa.

But if you were to take your bunny and create a new, unique logo reveal animation with it, it probably would be seen as a new project. Think of it this way if you take your old assets and reuse them in other projects, in a way that the end result looks 80% like your old project - ehhh you might get rejected for submitting derivatives of your previous work. But if the result overall looks at least 80% new and different you should be good. As for everything in between - you risk getting rejected.

That said the percentage threshold for what is new or old is very subjective :smiley: And you will see lots of items on the marketplace with different variations of newness/sameness.


You always come to rescue! Thanks a lot! Well, can I sell some renders of the projects as stock footage then? Judging from what you said, I guess not.

Forgot to mention that these rules only apply to the same content category. So you can’t unbundle AE project into small AE projects. But you can release that big AE project as small Premiere Pro projects or as multiple Motion Graphics footages :smiley:

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Thats cool! I will do that! I think premiere pro projects are in more demand since more people know how to use it, so making multiple simple logo reveals for it could be good.

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Yes, that’s definitely a smart thing to do :smiley: