How to manage packs of vh and specific projects in Elements?

Planning on releasing a pack of lower thirds with one theme, but a few different sets of styles. Would be ok to upload it to Elements with all this “no-packs” policy?

Elements has the policy of “do not unbundle” i.e. do not take a pack and split it up into multiple items.

For videohive authors, anything that passes the videohive review is okay for elements, as far as I understood.

There are just some graphic authors who think they split up each icon pack into 150 single items to get more downloads. This was possible back in the day when there was no review for certain categories on elements. Now every category is reviewed, so this will get sorted out.

We on Videohive get reviewed on videohive already.


Well you can take a 32 lower thirds pack, divide it into 4 slightly different style packs of 8 titles and upload them to VH. If they’re unique enough (to compete with the markets 80% same looking packs of 30 lower thirds) they should pass the review :smiley: although probably won’t get much traction on VH with a pack of only 8 titles… but on the other hand I can’t justify uploading 32 smth packs to elements for cents either…

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Thanks for response.
Haven’t heard about the unbundle rule, but there’s a rule not to create super packs similar to the popular packs on vh for AE templates.

can you please provide a link to that rule?

All I found was this:

and this only applies to bundling several different item types. You are bundling similar items of the same type, though.

I was referring to that article, but didn’t understood it right. It’s great that I can release big qpacks of lower thirds. Thank you for clarification! :grinning: