Stock Footage and Motion Graphic Packs


I lately discovered the scoring(aka pricing) of the different item types (i.e. WordPress Themes, CMS Templates, Video Templates, Graphic Templates, Stock Video etc…) and noticed that the Stock Video category which includes Motion Graphics is given 3 points vs 7 points for Video Templates as an example or 5 points for Music Tracks which makes perfect sense except for when people include multiple clips and sell their Stock Video or Motion Graphics as packs rather than single products. I for example sell motion graphic packs with 20clips per product rather than 1clip, I do that cause I don’t want to flood my profile with thousands of items but rather pack things together as much as possible to give buyers/downloaders a variety of options(and a more pleasant time) when searching through the profile or when using my motion graphics and have easier way around to find just the shot they are looking for. Most of my Space Motion graphics appear in almost everything I bump on youtube that is Space Documentary related and sometimes even music videos. I have counted millions if not above a billion views on videos online that use my packs for which I’m given cents in return. What I want to suggest is maybe for envato to rethink their scoring table and help buyers get to packs easier, my few reasons why I hold that opinion:
1.Buyers get 20 videos but in return authors are given 3 points same as 1 video clip
2.Buyers get a license of using the product once, but the product contains 20 individual clips which I am sure are used across multiple end products, even if each clip is used once that is still more product coverage than what you can do with a single clip
3.There is no financial incentive for authors to pack things together which makes searching through the marketplace harder
4.There is big financial incentive for authors to sell single clips and even divide what would previously be a pack to get more EE coverage, Why? cause searching through the marketplace is hard and becoming harder and subscribers see less of their items the more the marketplace is getting populated and the search in general is more “item name related” than “quality related” or “show up most versatile items”(a completely different topic about the search engine, and how strangely I think it operates). You need to be seen to be downloaded.
5.There is no option to search for items that have multiple clips in the filter?? (This is also true for Videohive, and sad). People want to have the ability to search for collections or packs.
6.Tending for item quantity brings authors item quality below their current capability and diminishes the idea of making something good, plentiful and trendsetting by a big degree and is counter future-proof for these categories, and the marketplace
7.Buyers have more work to do when they register single clips rather then whole packs, Packing should be encouraged not discouraged.
7.5.It is 2021, please raise the approval quality bars for some of these categories, especially the Motion Graphics, some of the items approved there feel like they are approved 8 years ago.

What I think can be a minor solution for this is rising the “points” you earn for items that have 5+ clips and can be considered a pack. This will make people rethink how they upload their motion graphics and stock footage and maybe we’ll see less of the same repetitive items without a composition and more nicely packed marketplace which will have more variety than quantity, the reason why most of the exclusive authors sell their items only on this marketplace in the first place.

This “problem” with item scoring goes well beyond my Motion Graphics and Stock Footage “Packs” example and can be considered a reason why authors don’t upload big ol after effect template packs here and hold them on videohive as another example however the topic must start from somewhere and people can freely add up to it :).


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Sorry couldn’t read everything, it’s 12:15 am here. In a nutshell, you’re suggesting higher pointing for elements for packs, right? If that’s the case, I couldn’t agree more.

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Yup, that is what I’m suggesting :).

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That’s why I gave up on packs for elements, it’s just not worth it.

Yea but Marketplaces are declining, Envato Elements is rising, packs are stuck in between, they neither get the audience nor the pricing they deserve on Elements and get less and less audience on Videohive and other marketplaces with the rising of Elements. This results in quantity rising, quality declining.

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