After Effects templates and Envato Elements

I’m trying to figure out some differences between the regular Envato Marketplace and Envato Elements when it comes to After Effects templates.

I’m not a heavy contributor, I have had just a few AE templates in the Marketplace for a few years. I was invited to join Elements and thought I’d give it a go. But from what I can see, a lot of the existing help information and guidelines for Elements doesn’t seem to apply to After Effects templates.
Here are some examples, I’d appreciate any help from more experienced users:

  • It looks like VideoHive content and After Effects templates need to be on the “normal” marketplace first. If I go to “create a new item” in Elements then there’s no option for After Effects templates or stock footage? Or is the only way to upload VideoHive content and After Effects templates to Elements through the regular VideoHive uploader, and then clicking the checkbox?

  • If everything has to be on the marketplace first, then After Effects templates still have to go through review… but all the Elements documentation says that Elements authors can upload their own stuff without review?

Am I missing something basic? Or is there another way to upload After Effects templates and stock footage items to Elements?

Thanks in advance…

Regards to AE Templates - your items should be approved on VH first, then you can add them to Elements.

Direct upload on Elements is available for Graphics, Fonts, Add-ons and some Wordpress things

Thanks, it means a lot to hear directly from someone else.

When I look through the email trail and online guides that introduce Elements and explain everything, and then compare it to the process I went through with AE templates, there are definite differences. I hope Envato are aware of this and are making efforts for the various author guidelines to be less confusing, or at least have some disclaimers to clarify what they apply to.

The procedure for the later added categories (video and audio) is different, I guess the help documentation etc only applies to the categories that were there at launch.

However, I think we have it better than the other guys:

  1. Our categories are not flooded by low quality stuff, as we have to pass reviewers.
  2. Our items get reviewed once and are then approved, other categories are randomly reviewed and some authors reported to have their best selling item removed from elements because of low quality, so this can be a pita as well. I don’t know of any video items being removed after the fact.