Twenty20 members

hi, are there also members of twenty20 here, what do you think of this switch? and have your photos already been transferred to envato?

Greetings angelique

Hi I’m also from Twenty20 member,I’m happy to be here, but I’m a little worried about the process of uploading photos here, whether it’s as easy as in Twenty20 or not. for the photo transfer process, it seems that it hasn’t finished because there are no photos in my new portfolio yet

But are youre Twenty20 photos already in envato?
I cant upload photos yet, they said in september I can

not yet, maybe later in August according to the information provided by envato

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Hi @balls340 and @gallery_arief - welcome to Envato!

I’ve just created this forum area to assist with the move to Envato Elements - helping to connect people and get answers to any questions you have. If you’re connected to more T20 photographers on other platforms, please send them a link and invite them to join this forum :slight_smile:

We’re currently migrating the photos that were already published on Elements (under the twenty20photos group account) to individual Elements Author accounts. That work should be completed at the start of August - you will receive a confirmation email once those images have been moved to your new portfolio.

Uploading new photos will come later - our team will be adding Upload access to the new Elements Author accounts in batches, starting in late August / early September.


Oké great!
Thank you

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ok thanks @BenLeong , i think i can’t wait to get started :laughing::laughing:

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Heeeeey i’m also a contributor to Twenty20 and learned that only 820 out of my 5200 images will be moved. I know Envato don’t take editorial which Twenty20 did, it feels like so much work having to reupload so many images that will be lost. When will the migration period be over and i hope the upload process will be easy cos the twenty20 app made things like releases etc easy.


Hi, I’m from twenty20 too and so upset about this closure… I worked for years in microstock markets and I ve found in twenty20 a perfect fun relaxing and simple place to be… and right now all complicated issue are going on… I don’t know if and when my images will be transferred on elements , that truly don’t like, but I m so sad about the energy loose on the way, all the joy… and probably this will be a real bad idea for envato that will loose money and ideas…


Certainly not good news for the Twenty20 community who liked the easy-going format. Given that Envato elements so far looks very unfriendly with upload links all pointing to 404 pages. I suspect a lot of T20 users won’t be joining us.


September then we can upload oure pictures for The First time.
And Yes, Twenty20 is much easier to upload pictures


I had 6552 pictures :sob:

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I wonder how many of those will go to Elements. So much hard work and I fear the upload process gonna be such a mission now.


820 from 5200 images? How do you know bro? I mean how to find out.

I got a e mail that specified it.

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Only the photos you already have on Envato Elements under the Twenty20 username will be transferred over to your new Envato account. The rest of your Twenty20 portfolio will not be transferred.

Only commercially cleared photos are allowed on Envato - unfortunately, no editorial photos, or photos without model releases, will be on the platform.


Just found my images on Envato and it is the 810 as stated in the e mail I received. @gallery_arief @dabobabo

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I didnt have A e-mail yet

I know not all Twenty20 users will be onboarded but you can reach out to them to find out. You should have received a e mail with a link to transfer your account to Elements.

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Hi all!

@rushay1977 is correct - we’re currently transferring photos that were previously published on Elements under the twenty20photos group account, and moving these to the new individual Elements Author profiles. If you had content published on that account, you should have received an email with details on how many photos will be transferred. That work is still happening, with new batches of photos processed each day.

It’s important to note that photos from Twenty20 that were not already published on Elements should not be uploaded. Elements has many different photo requirements to T20, from commercial-use licensing and compulsory model releases, to guides on technical and commercial factors. We’ll be publishing more detailed information over the next few months to help you understand the types of images that Elements customers are looking for, based on our search and download data. These can help you to produce images that meet trends and unmet demand from our customers - images that are more likely to be approved by our review teams, with the best chance of generating earnings.

@baldrick69 Upload tools are not available yet for the new Elements Author accounts. We’ll be notifying everyone by email when this is available for their account, around the end of August - there are a few steps (creating an Elements Author account, completing the necessary tax forms and payout information, and completing an ID check) that must take place before upload access is enabled.

The Contributor FAQ page linked below has more information on the process. If you have any questions that aren’t covered there, please ask here and I’ll get more information for you :slight_smile:

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