Is the Twenty20 Closure the pretext to the culling of other Envato entities?

Just received a notification that Twenty20 will be shutdown end of July. Is this a pretext to the closure of other envato hubs into one envato elements program? If so, why not migrate these accounts into elements for those that want to supply.

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We’ll never know the real reasons behind their decisions.
Envato acquired Twenty20 in 2019 just to shut it down 3 years later…i feel for those photographers who trusted Envato, now have lost their job and all they hear is:

“We sincerely want to thank you for being a part of our amazing community.”


Which community?

“you brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it…i thank you all” - Freddie Mercury

That would be more appropriate :joy:

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Maybe they will create an app similar to twenty20? I really enjoyed browsing their gallery system and interacting with their community. Also nothing wrong with likes and comments.

Twenty20 was visually very pleasing and inspiring.

It didn‘t have a forum, but perhaps Envato can extract the best from both platforms and use it to upgrade Envato for the next step in their journey.

Now that two large competing platforms are merging, I sincerly hope that Envato grows stronger to bring balance to the markets and keep choices open for the customer and the artist.


So you believe Envato has no plans to grow their business? That they will simply throw away all the money they invested in 2020?