Need help transfering from Twenty20


I was a contributor at Twenty20 and recently Envato have bought Twenty20 so I follows the transfer guideline and now I don’t know what to do next? Are all of my works have been transfer to Envato or not, if so where I can see my work portfolio, upload new stuff etc.

Your help would be much appreciated.



You have to wait till you can upload.

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The email sent from Twenty20 around July 1st should tell you how many of your images would be transferring to Envato Elements; not all images are transferable, only the ones that were commercially cleared and were on Envato Elements under the Twenty20photos username. your portfolio should be viewable at{Username}. In terms of uploading, as Rushay1977 states, there is a waiting period before we can start uploading new photos; we will get an email telling us when we can start uploading new content.

hope that helps.

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Heeeeey @rohaneh enjoy checking out your sales updates.

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Heeey @rushay1977 :wave:t4: good to see another Twenty20 friend here! Thank you for checking out the updates, hopefully there will be good things to report on from Envato. Time will tell.


Hi any update on Twenty20 transfer to Envato?
Its been over 5 months now and still no update at all.

The transfer process is over. All images that Envato accepted from T20 were transferred by the end of August. Anything that didn’t transfer is basically gone. I lost over 5000 images from my portfolio. We have been able to submit new content since September 15.

Thank you so much. So which section do I upload new pics? Photodune?

Each submission shows up both on Elements (subscription sales) and Photodune (individual market sales) so it really doesn’t matter. On my Elements dashboard, I use the Upload>Photos menu at the top for mine.

Thank you so much.

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