Need help transfering from Twenty20


I was a contributor at Twenty20 and recently Envato have bought Twenty20 so I follows the transfer guideline and now I don’t know what to do next? Are all of my works have been transfer to Envato or not, if so where I can see my work portfolio, upload new stuff etc.

Your help would be much appreciated.



You have to wait till you can upload.

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The email sent from Twenty20 around July 1st should tell you how many of your images would be transferring to Envato Elements; not all images are transferable, only the ones that were commercially cleared and were on Envato Elements under the Twenty20photos username. your portfolio should be viewable at{Username}. In terms of uploading, as Rushay1977 states, there is a waiting period before we can start uploading new photos; we will get an email telling us when we can start uploading new content.

hope that helps.

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Heeeeey @rohaneh enjoy checking out your sales updates.

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Heeey @rushay1977 :wave:t4: good to see another Twenty20 friend here! Thank you for checking out the updates, hopefully there will be good things to report on from Envato. Time will tell.