Elements Dashboard for T20 users

Hello! My Elements dashboard is only showing 10 sales from July 1-5. 2022 but I know that my T20 dashboard was showing about 500 different images had sold by July 6th. Is the EE dashboard still a work in progress and the rest of the photo sales will show up eventually? I realize T20 sales won’t be on it. We were told most of our sales were via EE which is why I find the discrepancy very odd.
Thank you for your time and help!


i read the dashboard has a 33 day delay.
but when you had 500 images sold on july 6 that is strange.

but i guess that sentence “most of our sales were via EE” is just marketing speech.

from the earnings i see in my envato account i doubt that most of my sales were from envato.
for the 5 days of july i see… it does not add up to the sum i got per month (on average) on twenty20. not even remotely.


Hi @MargJohnsonVA & @Lightboxx.

I think there are a few different factors here - due to the way the subscriber share payments are calculated, and the timing of when your items were available to subscribers through your individual accounts. I appreciate that the dashboard info is quite confusing at the moment though!

The Elements dashboard currently shows item usage from subscriptions that were started from July 1 - July 7 (not all items that were licensed during that period), as we now have a complete month of download activity for all of those subscribers. That’s the reason for the 33-day delay on item usage earnings, as we need to know all of their activity before the subscriber share calculations can run.

Between now and September 4th, each day’s earnings will potentially include a mix of people who licensed content via the twenty20photos Author account (early in their subscription month), and people who licensed content directly from you (later in their subscription month, after the items had been migrated to your individual Author account). Only the earnings from direct licenses will show up in your Elements dashboard.

All earnings via the old twenty20photos account will still be paid to you in August and September as normal, for any licensing of your content during June and July. You won’t see this on your individual Elements Author dashboard, though.

From around September 4th, your dashboard will start showing earnings from subscriptions that began on August 1st. The customers in that cohort will only have seen your photos published via your individual Elements Author account for the full month of their subscription, so all images they license will generate earnings for you directly. From that point onwards, you’ll start seeing “full” daily earnings in your dashboard, as none of those customers could have licensed your photos through the shared account.

I hope that helps! There’s a lot of complexity involved, between the subscriber share model and migrating the photos between two different “Author” accounts. If you have more questions about this, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.


thanks for the info ben.

still with 50% of my envato royalties look like this (worse than getty) :slight_smile:

i doubt that i get to the earnings i had on twenty20.


same story :smiling_face_with_tear: i’m not sure is it worth it after all


Thank you for the explanation! Much appreciated!


@BenLeong if a photo sells multiple times, is it listed separately each time on our dashboard or does the amount for that photo just increase in a single listing? Thanks again for all the help!

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Hi Marg! Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been out for much of this week.

Your dashboard will show each item that has generated earnings, and the total dollar value of earnings for that item - so you shouldn’t see the same photo appearing on the list multiple times.

Thank you, Ben!

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