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Greetings Envato folks! @BenLeong @KingDog @Will4490

When the dashboard update was done last weekend, the Top Licensed Items chart changed drastically. Before, it used to only include the images I’ve submitted directly to Elements since the T20 shutdown. Now it includes my entire portfolio. While I definitely think the new format has benefits, I do miss the old version. It was helpful to see if new images were selling well or not. Unfortunately, unless it makes it into my Top 25, I have no idea if they are doing well or not now.

Would it be possible to either (a) change the chart so we can see significantly more than 25 items or (b) add a chart that only shows images that have been accepted to Elements in maybe the past 30 or 60 days? Having to wait 33 for the sales to show up on the Item Earnings chart means I’m in the dark as to what type of new images are popular and what aren’t.

As always, thanks for listening!


Hi Marg!

I’ve spoken to our Data team about this, and they confirmed that it’s not connected to the Item Performance dashboard issues we’ve seen over the last week. This one is caused by the T20 migrated items being properly integrated with the rest of our item data, which is generally a good thing - it’s the reason why those photos now have access to things like item editing tools. Unfortunately, it also means that all photos data is now viewed in the same report, so it will show migrated and new content alongside each other.

You can export a CSV file of your item-level earnings data (showing all relevant items within a specified date range), but the “top licensed items” report caps out at the top 25 due to the way data for that report is sourced. If you download the CSV, you can sort this in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets to look at specific upload dates.

If you’re looking for more information on item performance, the Item Earnings data is better suited to that purpose: it won’t be skewed by low-value downloads (e.g. if a photo is frequently licensed, but always gets downloaded alongside lots of other content, it would rank highly on “top licensed” but not generate as much revenue), and better represents item performance as a function of how valuable those items are in your portfolio.

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Thank you for the detailed follow up. As mentioned, I was just enjoying having more immediate feedback on what was popular in my new images than having to wait over 33 days. I thought I’d at least ask! :smiley:

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