Warning about editing existing photos

WARNING!! the image I added keywords to was rejected even though it made it through the migration from T20!! Be careful what you edit!

@BenLeong this seems extremely unfair. T20 only let us add 10 keywords so I wanted to add more. Just because I added more keywords, it now isn’t good enough for Envato?? It obviously was a good earner on T20 or it wouldn’t have made the original cut. I really hope Envato rethinks some of its review policies.


That doesn’t sound like a great experience. I’m putting together some feedback and collection of pain points so this is definitely going on the list!


It happened to me, I have changed the price of my photo. But what happened was that my photo was hard rejected. Almost more than 10 photos that I have changed have been hard rejected. strangely, some photos that have been sold on the element have also been hard rejected ! What’s going on ? @BenLeong

That’s awful!

@KingDog wanted to make sure you saw this feedback also.


Yup I saw it and brought it up with the Elements team. Thanks! :grin:


Then what solution will be given. Will our photos come back or will we re-upload? If yes then does that mean we lost our photo rate? thank you

My image was removed from Photodune but it is still for sale on Elements. Is it the same for you?

Thanks, now I understand because I just checked it. In element there are 425 photos and in photodune there are 410 photos. Meaning I lost 15 photos on photodune after I edited them.

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While is very annoying, I’m not overly concerned about it. I’ve been told photodune sales are extremely rare. But they definitely need to fix it!

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OMG Sounds like bad news :pensive:

@BenLeong I just received another email regarding the image I mentioned above saying again it wasn’t approved. I did not resubmit it nor did I try to edit it again so I’m not sure why it was reviewed and rejected again. This is the one I tried to add keywords to after the transfer from T20 and was hard rejected.

Hi! I’ve just caught up with the team that has been managing photo review, as there have been a lot of investigations happening this week. It looks like those investigations may have triggered additional “review outcome” emails (sent while checking the items), though further work is continuing on that front.

They have been looking into the issue to understand what’s happened, starting with the photos reported here by @gallery_arief and @MargJohnsonVA. This has been complicated a little by the migration of photos between platforms in order to make the editing tools available - the total portfolio sizes have been changing frequently over the last few weeks, so it was not immediately obvious how many photos had been affected.

There are some new review processes being introduced, as typically our photo authors don’t go back to edit the metadata (tags etc) on their items. The team will be going back over the review decisions made for metadata-only changes for photos, and it’s likely that most of the rejections for items in this thread will be overturned.

Going forward, it should be unlikely that you will have items rejected for metadata changes, unless those items violate other guidelines (such as using offensive language or special characters in the tags).

However, it’s also important to make sure any photo that requires a Model Release form has one, before any changes that would cause that item to go back through review. While metadata-only changes for your photos should now be approved, if a photo doesn’t have a model release uploaded, it’s still going to be rejected for that reason.


Once again, added some keywords to photos transferred from T20 and they were “rejected.” None of the reasons mentioned above (offensive, model release etc) were an issue. T20 only allowed 10 keywords. It would be nice if we could add additional relevant ones to increase sales but I’m honestly afraid to try when facing possible removal of images that sell.

Heya Marg,

Can you let me know what tags you were trying to add? I’ll see what I can find :grin:

It was keywords like “stock market” “stocks” and “trading.” I had seen stock market on the Trending chart with low results and this photo in my Top Licensed Images so I thought I would update it. I realize Envato doesn’t care for the text overlay on computer keys but since the image was selling and there is a need for it, I thought they would just add the new keywords since it didn’t violate anything mentioned above or need a model release. Thanks!

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