Two updates affecting Elements Dashboard reports (GA4 data & filename/published date changes)

Hi all! There have been two minor updates that affect content shown on the Trends and Insights and Item Performance dashboards.

The most visible one will be an update to some item data in the reports, mostly affecting Photo content that was brought across from T20:

  • Published dates now reflect the date these items were published on Elements
  • T20 Photo filenames in the dashboard reports now match the Author-provided file name, instead of using an Item ID number
  • There’s also been some cleanup of things like filenames that had preceding whitespace and stray punctuation characters included in them

The publication date affects content in several categories, but the filename changes mostly affect T20 photos.

The second change is that the Content Opportunities report is now running on GA4 data, as Google has closed down their Universal Analytics (GA3) product.

  • No changes to the functionality of this report
  • Broad trends and demand categories (low/medium/high) are still the same, but you may see some differences in the numbers compared to June

It’s also worth noting that any site analytics will rely on having users allow analytics tracking, and that this varies around the world depending on attitudes to online privacy: for example, in Europe you might now see data from up to 20% fewer customers.

Neither of these changes should affect your workflow, and no action is needed - this is just a heads up, in case you wonder why things are looking a little different.


@MargJohnsonVA You might be interested in the T20 filename changes :slight_smile:

Thanks @BenLeong for sharing these updates. can you please provide some details on how to use this mentioned tag with adb2022?
"- If you create an item inspired by this report, please tag it with adb2022 so we can track performance and improve the insights that we give you. "

I’m not sure I understand. My publish dates have always been when they were moved to Envato in 2022. That’s why when I had some stolen I was having a hard time proving I had uploaded them to T20 before the thief had uploaded them to the other site.

@MargJohnsonVA It looks like the majority of T20 photos had their publishing dates showing the “Elements” publication event - but there was still a fairly large batch of them that had a different date on them. It sounds like yours were already showing the Elements date, in that case.

@ThemesCamp I’ll check to see if that’s still being used - it was something the original Dashboard team included when these reports were launched in 2022, monitoring the performance of those items relative to other new items in their categories to see if items from the Content Opportunities reports performed better.

There will be one more set of changes to the dashboard reports later this year (same functionality and data, but a more reliable system managing that data under the hood) and we should finally be able to bring the Content Opportunities report out of Beta :slight_smile:


Thanks @BenLeong for sharing updates about the Dashboard reports.

I recently started looking at Envato Authors Reporting Dashboard ( Sign In | Envato Account ) in detail and I am surprised that there is no way to find out how many times my products have been licensed on EnvatoElments within a given time frame. Item earnings report doesn’t provide this information.

Is there a reason EnvatoElments has not shared this data with authors? Because this is the core data which determines earnings of every author.