New photo upload tool is now live!

Hi all. We’ve just launched the latest update to the way you submit photos, after testing this with a small group of authors over the last few months.

From today, you will be automatically redirected to the new experience via the photo upload page. You will no longer have access to old upload tools, or any photos that have not been submitted for review.

What’s new?

  • Fewer steps to upload photos.
  • More intuitive folder structure for FTP upload.
  • Improved look and feel for the interface.
  • Ability to directly upload 1,000 photos or 100 releases at a time, without connecting via FTP.

How can I access the new photo upload tool?

How do I use the new photo upload tool with FTP?

  1. Generate a new access token and connect your FTP client to our new FTP server.
  2. Visit the photo upload page.
  3. Follow the instructions in the tool to get your photos and releases uploaded.

Where do I go for help on the new tool?

Visit the Author Help Center for more information on uploading new items.


:warning: Important note for those joining Elements from Twenty20:

This announcement is about changes to our photo upload tools, and a significant upgrade on the older system that Photo authors have been using for the last few years.

If you’ve just joined Elements from Twenty20, you won’t have access to this upload tool yet. Today’s release does not change the timeline for this - keep an eye on your emails, and we’ll let you know once upload rights have been granted to your new Elements Author account.


@MargJohnsonVA We should be able to upload here soon soon.

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@BenLeong I would suggest you guys add a digital signature application as its extremely helpful and saves time. The twenty20 app was the nicest platform as a stock contributor it saved lots of time with regards to releases etc.


What help desk said about T20 users:

It’s important to note that you won’t have access to PhotoDune, but you will have access to Envato Elements.
You will be able to upload new work to Envato Elements by early September.
We are still going through the migration/attribution process. Given the amount of data that needs to be allocated, we won’t be able to process all contributors at once. This process will be finalized by the end of August.


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