Twenty20 contributor question - migrating content to Elements

@BenLeong I am a contributor on Twenty20. Is there any further information about images on Twenty20 being moved to Envato Elements?

I understand some contributor received emails claiming their commercially approved images would be migrated to Envato. Can you confirm this?

Will there be a way i can contribute to Envato Elements?

Hi @RandomHartz! I’ve just moved your question from the main announcement thread to our new Twenty20 author forum. We’re using this area to answer any questions about the closure, and the migration of photos to new Elements Author accounts.

There are some FAQs about the move in this article, including details on which photos are being migrated.

All current photos on have been considered for inclusion in the Elements content catalogue. Those that met our technical and commercial demand guidelines have previously been published on Elements under the “twenty20photos” group account.

Our current focus is on migrating all of those images to individual Elements Author accounts, once those accounts have been created. We’re currently expecting to have this completed by early August.

If you don’t have photos currently published under the twenty20photos account, you can apply to join Elements as an Author via this link: Author


How do I find out if any of my images were selected for the twenty20photos account? I dont see any way to sort by author in my envato elements subscription dashboard.

I have not to my knowledge (unless it got deleted accidently) received an email, should apply again as an author? I am already a videohive author.

I’m also trying to find the upload process as i am also a Videohive contributor.

All current photos on Twenty20 have been considered for Elements so if your photos weren’t currently on Elements under the Twenty20 group account then they didn’t qualify for inclusion.

As time goes we’ll be putting together some guides and information on what kinds of photos Elements is looking for which will help you shoot with Elements in mind :grin:

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Again, how do even see the Twenty20 group on Envato Elements? I am a subscriber and dont know of any way to sort any content by a user tag in the search.

Also again, do i need to apply as an author to elements if i am already an author for videohive?

The Twenty20 group has been divided up into the individual authors so it won’t exist anymore. And yes you will need to apply to be an Elements author even if you are an Author on Market.

Hope that helps :grin:

That helps a little. How does a subscriber find content a specific author?

I swear i have seen some of my images on elements under the Twenty20 group, but have no way of sorting for that.

I’ve also come across it does not state the contributors name just twenty20

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My Twenty20 images have now been transfered. So far so good. I got 10 pages of images. Is it a fixed 30 images per page? Or is there somewhere where the total number of images is displayed?

OK, found it. The number is displayed on the english version of the portfolio page (but not on the german language version).

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Hi @axelbueckert - welcome to the forums!

I wasn’t aware of that difference between the English and translated portfolio pages - I’ll raise that with the Elements product team. There’s a total number of items shown at the top of your portfolio page here, and if your account has been approved for multiple content types (like Rushay here, who also sells stock video clips) the portfolio shows a breakdown by category.



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Can someone explain me please, why I don’t see my photo’s in my portfolio? But if I write in search my nickname it shows my photos which was transferred from twenty20. Or I should wait for some time, and it’ll be ok? Thank you!

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same problem here.
the link i got per email shows me 3 pages of my twenty20 photos but i see nothing in my managing tools.

also i got nearly 5000 images on twenty20 and i guess at least 60 percent were commercially accepted on twenty20. but only 2 pages (that´s 30 images per page?) made it to envato?
that is a bit low i think. i have many of the 5000 images on adobe stock, shutterstock, dreamstimes, alamy or 123RF. but envato is not interested in them? i am a bit shocked my lowest estimation was around 800 images that make it into envato.


@callmecatheryne @Lightboxx the migration might not be completed for everyone yet.


I have the same problem.
The link i got by email shows me 3 pages of my twenty20 photos but i see nothing in the dashboard or photo manager managing tools. Where I can see them or Edit them or know that are on my portfolio. Thanks


Wait to see the earnings report from Envato. 2 sales for 7 cents in total (1 sale for 1 cent and the second for 6 cents)…I bet we’ll feel highly “motivated” to upload here…

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i can top that… 4 sales for overall 11 cent. one sold for 0 cent.

so the images are sold already but i still see no way to MANAGE THEM.