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Oo i see, I just checked my email And see my portfolio link is already filled with some of my photos. And the copyright has changed from twenty20 photos to my username… Thank you… Now, my questions for @BenLeong is when we can upload new photos ?

Thanks for that info @BenLeong i have been verified via Video uploads on Elements, would i need to go through the verification process again?

@rushay1977 No - you’ll only need to complete the Author ID verification process for your account once :slight_smile:

@gallery_arief I think we were both typing at the same time earlier :smiley: Upload access should be granted around the end of August - we’ll notify everyone via email when it’s available on their account.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: ok ok. Sorry i am newbie here… Thanks for that

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Hi ben,
I didnt get a e-mail with how many pictures of my 6552 pictures are going to transfer to envato.
When do I get this e-mail?

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Hi Angelique! I’ll see if I can find a total for you, in case there are more still in progress - the transfer has been running in batches all week.

I can see 1,138 photos currently listed on your Elements profile here:

Okay, thats great. I dont see pricing
Every picture say, that they are free to download. I never give permission for this. I dont understand. Dont custumers buy the pictures?

Its free to download as a trial i believe you will get paid. There’s no pricing but the subscriber shared breakdown, which depends how many of your assets are used in a month period.


Aha​:+1:t2: Thank you :blush:


Hi i am also from Twenty20 and still confused i hope this forum helps


Welcome @dorisjs!

@balls340 Elements customers pay for a subscription (either monthly or yearly), and then can download images. Your screenshot shows a 7-day free trial, which we offer in some locations - Envato pays for the author earnings component of all item downloads from customers during a free trial period.

We only offer those trials when there is a direct benefit to doing so (increasing the number of paying subscribers), and the customers need to provide a valid payment method when they sign up.

The Elements earning model is a bit different to most other marketplaces, using a “subscriber share” system. That’s something that we can start a new thread to go through the details of, as it’s going to be very new to a lot of people this month. There’s some information on our Help Centre here, about how the subscription income is divided up, and when payments are sent out:

The website seems horribly disjointed at the moment. How do you switch between your images at and your dashboard. I’m having to bookmark individual pages at the moment.

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Hey guys!
Just got your email! Thank you for transferring my photos. But there’s one question - in this email it says that T20 unpaid earnings will be made in September. So, there won’t be any payments in August (for July sellings)??? But in the T20 statement it’s been said that all payments would be made on 15th of August.


Yes i was also a bit confused about that, but there are also mention of historical payments which might be the payments we receive after this months payment. I stand to be corrected.

It says the LAST payment will be made September 15. Earlier announcements said we’d still get paid for July on/around August 15.

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Wait to see our great earnings… 6 cents for a photo so far and 1 cent for another. The stock photography business is coming to an end…

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What about images could have been commercially cleared on T20 if they had accepted property releases? I have several photos of my patio that were among my top earning photos but they didn’t get transferred to Elements because there was no property release attached and therefore not commercially cleared. Thank you for any clarification you can offer.

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Hello Marg!

Once the upload process opens for Elements I would imagine that you’ll be free to upload high quality photos that now have the proper release attached.


Some of my best sellers was not accepted. Like images that won prizes in the twenty20 challenges.

Hi @LesiaValentain! Earnings from photos while they were published on the twenty20photos shared account will still be going out as normal:

  • Next week (August payment run) will include earnings from images licensed by June subscriptions.

  • Next month (September payment run) will include earnings from items licensed from twenty20photos via July subscriptions.

  • Also in September, you’ll start to see direct earnings of your photos from July subscriptions (i.e. customers licensing images after those images were migrated to your individual Elements Author account).

  • Then, from October onwards all of your Elements earnings should go directly through your individual account.